Home News Beijing Announces Sending Troops to Eastern Russia Military Exercises US Response | Russian Military Exercises | East 2022 Military Exercises | Sino-Russian Cooperation

Beijing Announces Sending Troops to Eastern Russia Military Exercises US Response | Russian Military Exercises | East 2022 Military Exercises | Sino-Russian Cooperation

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Beijing Announces Sending Troops to Eastern Russia Military Exercises US Response | Russian Military Exercises | East 2022 Military Exercises | Sino-Russian Cooperation

[Epoch Times, August 18, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan comprehensive report) Beijing announced on Wednesday (August 17) that it will send troops to participate in military exercises in eastern Russia at the end of this month. The United States says it has seen growing relations between China and Russia.

The Chinese Ministry of National Defense announced on Wednesday that according to the annual cooperation plan between the Chinese and Russian militaries and the consensus between the two sides, the Chinese military will send some troops to Russia to participate in the “Oriental-2022” exercise.

India, Belarus, Tajikistan, Mongolia and other countries will also participate. The statement especially emphasized that the exercise has nothing to do with the current international and regional situation.

Since the Russian-Ukrainian war is still going on, the CCP’s exercises around Taiwan have not stopped, and Russia and China claim to have no upper limit on their cooperation. This time, Beijing’s dispatch of troops to participate in the Russian military exercise naturally attracted international attention.

The Russian Ministry of Defense first issued a statement on the exercise in July, saying that the “Oriental 2022” strategic exercise will be held at 13 shooting ranges in Russia’s Eastern Military District from August 30 to September 5.

The statement said that the “Vostok-2022” military exercise is a normal exercise, not a military mobilization, and only part of the Russian military is involved in the “special military operation” against Ukraine and has the ability to complete all the tasks set by the Kremlin. The statement did not mention a list of other participating countries.

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The last time Russia held an Eastern military exercise was in 2018, with a claimed 300,000 members, the first exercise involving a country outside the former Soviet bloc, including Mongolia and China.

Details of the upcoming “Oriental 2022” military exercise have so far been limited. Moscow used to host similar large-scale war games every year, alternating between different regions.

The United States declined to comment on the Russian military exercise and continued to observe the development of Sino-Russian relations

Reuters reported that the decision and scale of China‘s participation in the military exercise this year will provide important clues to the state of bilateral relations between Russia and China as Russian President Vladimir Putin tries to win over Beijing as Russia’s confrontation with Western countries intensifies.

Rebekah Koffler, a strategic intelligence expert, told Fox News: “While this exercise is part of an annual bilateral training cycle between Russia and China, Putin insists while Russian troops are still in the midst of a bitter conflict with Ukraine. This plan is worth noting.”

“Both Russia and China see the U.S. as their main adversary, and when tensions between the U.S. and China over Taiwan intensify, they are posing to challenge the U.S. in the East and in power projection,” she said.

A State Department spokesman said most of the countries involved in Russian military exercises also regularly exercise with the United States.

“We don’t read anything from their participation in this activity,” Ned Price said Wednesday. “More broadly, we’ve seen the growing relationship between (China) and Russia, including in the security field.”

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Experts question: Sino-Russian military exercise is a propaganda show

The Wall Street Journal reported that Thomas Graham, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a former Russia expert at the National Security Council, said the actual number of fighters in such exercises is often lower than advertised, but in 2018 , the Russian and Chinese militaries did demonstrate a degree of interoperability, for example in command structures and shared communications.

He questioned whether the question now is “is this an exercise to show that the two militaries can fight together in an important way, or is it mainly a propaganda show”.

Russia’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine in February and more recently China‘s live-fire exercises around Taiwan have heightened military tensions this year. G7 countries have criticized Russia and China‘s actions on these two matters.

Given that Russia is still at war with Ukraine, the exercises are likely to be scrutinized by all parties to understand Russia’s combat capabilities, said Angela Stent, a Russia expert at Georgetown University.

Regarding the purpose of Russia’s holding this exercise, she said that the message that Russia wants to send is that “we are not alone.”

Stant analyzed that Russia wanted to show that although they were criticized and sanctioned by the West, there were a range of other countries as his partners, a position that was expected to be reinforced by the participation of China and India.

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