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Beijing Children’s Reading Month launched a collection of short video works for elementary and middle school students

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Beijing Children’s Reading Month launched a collection of short video works for elementary and middle school students

Original title: Call for reading short video works for primary and middle school students

News from our newspaper (Reporter Lu Yanxia) Yesterday, the Beijing Children’s Reading Month with the theme of “Happy Reading, Healthy Growth” was officially launched at the Beijing Youth Palace.

At the launching ceremony, the Capital Civilization Office released the activity arrangement of “Building Dreams by Opening Books – 2023 Primary and Secondary School Students Reading Competition with the Most Beautiful Reading Voice in the Capital”. The purpose of the competition is to encourage children to use their spare time to read and recite classic works such as biographies of celebrities who have set up lofty ideals, bravely struggled, and studied hard. Starting from June, the activity will collect short video works for reading aloud from elementary and middle school students in the capital. After selection, the award-winning works will be publicized and displayed in October.

Representatives from China Children’s Press and Publication Group, Beijing Children’s Publishing House and other units, as well as teachers and parents, released the “Guarding Children’s Reading Initiative” on the spot. High-quality publications and a good reading atmosphere.

The event distributed the “Children’s Reading Service Package” composed of “Chinese Good Books” to the representatives of the “Scholarly Families” of the 12th Scholarly China·Beijing Reading Season, guiding parents to actively carry out family reading, parent-child reading, etc., and promote the upbringing of minors. Become a reading habit.

After the launching ceremony, Gao Hongbo, former vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, Zhang Mingzhou, former chairman of the International Children’s Books Alliance, and children’s literature critics, gave keynote speeches from five aspects: reading and writing, international vision, children’s literature, science popularization, and family parenting. .

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Beijing Children’s Reading Month will also combine with the construction of a child-friendly city, and continue to encourage family education experts, reading promoters, celebrities, etc. to enter the campus and go deep into the community to carry out reading guidance and promotion activities.

The first event of Beijing Children’s Reading Month, “‘Tonight We Tell a Story’ Original Picture Book Wonderful Night” was held at Beijing Book Building that night. In the next month, with the theme of one week, we will organize a series of reading weeks with four themes: “Reading Joy to Growth”, “Scientific Adventure”, “Cultural Experts”, and “One Can’t Be Less” in physical bookstores and reading spaces across the city Activity. Beijing Publishing Group will also organize Beijing Book Building, Zhongguancun Book Building, Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore, Asian Games Village Book Building, etc., and some small and medium-sized stores of Xinhua Bookstore to set up children’s book exhibition and sales areas, and start a one-month children’s book exhibition and sales event.

During June, the “I Love Beijing” Collection of Works will launch a call for original works from young people aged 6 to 18 around the world. It is hoped that the children will describe Beijing in their hearts through paintings and articles, and express their love for Beijing. The solicitation of manuscripts will continue until the end of July, after which the jury will review all submitted works, select the best and compile them into a book, which will be published by Beijing Publishing House in October. On June 21, Beijing Publishing Group will hold a press conference for new books such as “Swift Flying Over the Central Axis” at the October School of Literature, plan special reading promotion activities for award-winning children’s literature, and organize experts and scholars to hold a symposium on children’s literature creation and publication.

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In addition to the above-mentioned activities, the finals of the “Harmonic Poetry Singing the Classics” Chinese excellent traditional culture Chinese classics singing activity, the “Small Seeds and Big Dreams” reading station into the community reading activity, and the “Reading Lights Up Childhood” children’s book reading and drifting action , “Green Bookmark” book recommendation small messenger selection activities will also be carried out in reading spaces, public cultural service spaces, and municipal parks throughout the city during June.

Beijing Children’s Reading Month is the key activity brand of the 13th Scholarly China·Beijing Reading Season. It is guided by the Scholarly China·Beijing Reading Season Leading Group and sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, the Capital Civilization Office, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and the Municipal Women’s Federation. .

(Editors in charge: Chi Mengrui, Gao Xing)

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