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Beijing News – Good news, no end

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The first cold wave in the Year of the Dragon has been locked in!A new round of widespread rain, snow and freezing conditions will arrive after the holidays

At the end of the holiday, a severe cold wave will appear from northern Xinjiang and affect most of the central and eastern regions from west to east. The cold wave will begin to affect our country on February 17. The northern region of Xinjiang will be the first to experience a severe cooling of more than 18°C, while at the same time, the temperature in the central and eastern regions is still soaring. This cold wave will completely reverse the warm trend, especially in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, which was the most warm and hot in the early stage. The cooling will be the most severe, and the cumulative local maximum temperature drop may even exceed 20°C. Starting from late February, the temperature in the south will turn significantly lower, and the maximum temperature of 0℃ may reach along the Yangtze River. This cold wave will not only bring severe cooling, but also a new round of widespread rain, snow and freezing weather. (@中国 Weather)

The second round of central ecological and environmental protection inspection rectification tasks has been completed by nearly 80%

Reporters recently learned from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment that as of the end of 2023, the second round of central ecological and environmental protection inspection rectification plans specified 2,164 rectification tasks, with an overall completion rate of 79%. It is reported that the central ecological and environmental protection inspection will be further promoted in 2024. The third round of central ecological and environmental protection inspections will be carried out in depth, and river basin inspections will be coordinated among provincial inspections. The Yangtze River Basin and Yellow River Basin will be the focus of future inspections. This year we will also solidly advance inspection and rectification, strengthen dispatch supervision and spot checks, and promote the formation of a closed loop of management. In addition, it is necessary to further improve the supervision system and regulations. (Xinhua News Agency)

Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council: Strongly condemns Taiwan’s expulsion of a fishing boat from Fujian, resulting in the death of two people
On the afternoon of the 14th, a Fujian fishing boat was driven away by Taiwan in the waters of Kinmen. As a result, all four people on board fell into the sea, and two of them died. In this regard, Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said that we express our deep condolences and sincere condolences to the compatriots who were killed and their families, and express our strong condemnation to the Taiwan side for such a vicious incident that seriously hurt the feelings of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait during the Spring Festival. (Xinhua News Agency)

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Relevant departments responded to the shortage of air tickets to Hainan Island during the Spring Festival. Air tickets are about 10,000 yuan, mainly business class.

On February 14, the official release platform “Hainan Release” of the Propaganda Department of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee stated that it is understood that the passenger flow in Hainan will increase significantly during the Spring Festival in 2024, with an overall year-on-year increase of more than 30%. Supply exceeds demand, and the passenger flow to the island has reached its peak on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, and it is expected that the peak passenger flow will continue until around the tenth day of the Lunar New Year. Affected by market supply and demand, air tickets are relatively tight during peak passenger flow periods. Air tickets to major domestic destination cities before the seventh day of the Lunar New Year have been basically sold out. The remaining few air tickets are mainly high-class air tickets. The ticket price of some flights is around 10,000 yuan, mainly business class. (Beijing News)

Grandma Ouyang, a victim of the “comfort women” system of the Japanese invaders, passed away at the age of 97

According to the Nanjing Liji Lane Comfort Station Exhibition Hall, in the early morning of February 14, 2024, Grandma Ouyang, a survivor of the “comfort women” system of the Japanese invaders, passed away in Pingjiang, Hunan at the age of 97. Grandma Ouyang was born in 1927 in Pingjiang County, Hunan. In October 1941, at the age of 15, she was forcibly drafted as a “comfort woman” by the Japanese army. She was ravaged and remained barren for the rest of her life. (CCTV News)

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Beijing Handbook丨Panjiayuan’s 13th Spring Festival Folk Culture Festival, until the eighth day of the lunar month

The Changdian and Daguanyuan temple fairs in Xicheng District, Beijing have been extended to February 16

In order to allow everyone to have more fun visiting the temple fairs, the Changdian and Daguanyuan temple fairs in Xicheng District have been extended to February 16 (the seventh day of the first lunar month). (Beijing Xicheng)

From Yongding Gate to Qianmen Street, dragon and lion dance performances appear on the central axis of Beijing

From the first to the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, the dragon and lion dance event “The Central Axis of the Dragon’s Soaring Age brings blessings” appeared on the central axis of Beijing. Dongcheng District connects the central axis points, and performs dragon and lion dance folk performances in Yongdingmen Square, Bell and Drum Tower Cultural Square, Longfu Temple Square, and Qianmen Street to create a festive and peaceful New Year atmosphere. During the event, more than 20,000 people watched the dragon and lion dance performances. (Beijing News)

To strengthen the midfield and backcourt, Beijing Guoan officially announced the joining of five new players

On February 14, Beijing Guoan Club issued a new signing announcement, announcing that Gujia, Traore, Lin Liangming, He Yupeng, and Zhang Yixuan had officially joined the team. Beijing Guoan currently has a well-stocked lineup, with at least three players competing for each position. (Beijing News)


Russia’s Moscow exchange suspends stock trading

Stock trading on the Moscow Exchange in Russia was suspended at 10:35 Moscow time on the 14th. Previously, the exchange had issued a notice stating that trading on February 13 and 14 may be temporarily interrupted due to technical reasons. (CCTV News)


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South Korea and Cuba establish diplomatic relations

On the evening of the 14th local time, according to Yonhap News Agency, South Korea and Cuba established diplomatic relations, and the two sides exchanged relevant documents in New York, the United States. (CCTV News)

Ukraine claims to have sunk the large Russian Black Sea Fleet landing ship “Kaiser Kunikov”

On the 14th local time, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced that it had sunk the large landing ship “Kaiser Kunikov” of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in a military operation. According to previous news released by Russian military online media, the large landing ship “Kaiser Kunikov” of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is likely to be hit in a new wave of attacks by the Ukrainian army. So far, the Russian Ministry of Defense has not released any news, and it is unclear the specific extent of the damage to the warship. (CCTV News)

Preliminary results of Indonesian presidential election: Current Defense Minister Prabowo will succeed Jokowi

On February 14, local time, Indonesia opened general election voting, with more than 200 million voters voting for the new president and vice president. According to Xinhua News Agency, quick vote counting statistics from multiple polling agencies in Indonesia show that current Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto is partnered with President Joko’s eldest son and current Solo Mayor Jibrran Rakhabumin. Raqqa, won the presidential and vice-presidential elections. (Beijing News)

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