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Beijing Winter Olympics will fully achieve carbon neutrality – Xinhua English.news.cn

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  【Beijing Winter Olympics here we come

  “Beijing Winter Olympics Sustainability Report (Pre-competition)” released

Beijing Winter Olympics will fully achieve carbon neutrality

Guangming Daily reporter Wang Dong

At the “Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics Green Winter Olympics and Sustainable Development” press conference held by the State Council Information Office on January 13, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee released “Sustainable Towards the Future – Beijing Winter Olympics” Conference Sustainability Report (Pre-Competition)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”), summarizing the staged progress of sustainable work in the preparation of the Winter Olympics. Li Sen, director of the overall planning department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said at the meeting that the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics will make full use of the Beijing Olympic venues to reduce carbon emissions from the source, and the Beijing Winter Olympics will fully achieve carbon neutrality.

On January 13, Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village started closed-loop management and entered the game state. The picture shows the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village) for the Beijing Winter Olympics on December 30, 2021.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shiyao

The “Report” is divided into four chapters, namely “Sustainable Management of the Beijing Winter Olympics”, “Laying a Beautiful China Background for the Winter Olympics”, “Adding Power to Regional Development” and “Gathering Strength for Social Progress”.

Both the International Olympic Committee and the Paralympic Committee have paid great attention to the “Report”. President of the International Olympic Committee Bach and President of the International Paralympic Committee Parsons released congratulatory videos on the release of the “Report” respectively, and expressed their appreciation for the “Report”. “The content disclosed is highly appraised.

Bach said that, as stated in the report, the Beijing Winter Olympics are contributing to China‘s sustainable development and showing the world future-oriented and more sustainable solutions. With the joint participation of domestic and foreign stakeholders, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has successfully raised the attention of domestic and foreign parties to sustainability issues to a new level.

Parsons said it was a rich and informative report full of sustainability highlights. We have reason to believe that the preparation of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics has promoted local environmental, economic and social development, and will certainly inspire and inspire the world by enabling Paralympic athletes to achieve sporting excellence.

Sustainable development is my country’s national strategy and one of the three major themes of the Olympic 2020 Agenda. Li Sen said that since the preparations, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has fully implemented the concept of “green, shared, open and clean” Olympic hosting, and has jointly researched and formulated the “Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics” with the Beijing Municipal Government, Hebei Provincial Government and related parties. The Sustainability Plan for the Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games, which defines the vision of “Sustainability, Towards the Future” and the goal of “creating a new model of sustainable development for the Olympic Games and the region”. For more than 6 years, the three parties have worked hard to implement the concept of green Olympics in the whole process of preparations, and have formed a number of sustainable results. There are mainly the following five aspects:

One is to establish a sustainable management system. The preparation of the Winter Olympics is a complex systematic project that requires standardized and systematic management. For the first time in Olympic history, the Beijing Winter Olympics has integrated the three international standards of “Sustainability Management System for Large-scale Events, Environmental Management System and Social Responsibility Guidelines”, and established the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee’s sustainable management system. One system to effectively manage sustainable work in major venues and more than 50 business areas.

The second is to create an ecological competition area. In view of the fact that snow projects are mainly distributed in mountainous areas, measures are taken to reduce the impact on the environment from the design source. Before planning and design, a plant background survey was carried out, an environmental impact assessment was carried out, and protection measures were determined in terms of avoidance, mitigation, reconstruction and compensation. Multiple ways to collect, store and recycle rainwater and snowmelt water for efficient use of water resources. Through various measures, the green mountains and clear waters of the competition area have been protected, and the goal of “mountain and forest venues and ecological Winter Olympics” has been realized.

The third is to strictly implement low-carbon management. Make full use of Beijing Olympic venues, reduce carbon emissions from the source, build low-carbon venues, all venues have reached green building standards, 4 ice venues use new carbon dioxide refrigerants, and built more than 50,000 square meters of ultra-low energy consumption demonstration projects , fully use low-carbon energy, and use green electricity for 100% of the conventional energy in all venues during the game. Build a low-carbon transportation system, and energy-saving and clean energy vehicles account for more than 80% of the vehicles in the race. On this basis, carbon offset channels have been actively expanded. The governments of Beijing and Zhangjiakou donated forestry carbon sinks to the Beijing Winter Olympics, and many partners also sponsored carbon neutral products for the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Olympics will be fully carbon neutral.

The fourth is to promote urban and regional development. The six years since the preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympics was also a period of rapid development between Beijing and Zhangjiakou. The Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway and the Beijing-Li Expressway were completed and opened to traffic. Gas control, the regional environment has been significantly improved, and the joint prevention and control of the regional environment has been achieved; the layout of basic public facilities has been accelerated, and the level of public services has been improved as a whole, realizing the co-construction and sharing of public services.

Fifth, the results of the preparations will benefit the public. Improving the quality of life of the masses is an important part of sustainable development, and it is also the proper meaning of the Winter Olympics. Over the past six years, with the development opportunities brought by the Winter Olympics, the construction of infrastructure and service facilities in Beijing and Zhangzhou has been accelerated, the level of public services has been comprehensively improved, the development of ice and snow and related industries has brought more employment to the masses, and people’s lives have become more convenient. , development opportunities are more abundant, people’s sense of happiness and sense of gain is increasing, the popularization and development of ice and snow sports drive national fitness, shape a healthy lifestyle, improve the barrier-free environment, comprehensively accelerate the inclusive society, and promote the better integration of the disabled into society; volunteer services It has become a common practice to improve the civilization of the whole society.

“Guangming Daily” (January 14, 2022, version 09)

责编:李宜蒙 ]


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