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Belgian army buys additional artillery vehicles

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The Belgian army is purchasing additional artillery vehicles. The federal government gave the green light for this on Friday.

First of all, it concerns nineteen Caesar trucks. These are French-made vehicles with 155 millimeter guns. They can be used against targets at long ranges.

Last year, Belgium already ordered nine Caesars, which were to be delivered in the course of 2027. Our country would eventually have a total of 28 copies, four of which will be used for military training.

Secondly, the army is ordering 24 Griffon fighting vehicles with 120 millimeter mortars – the so-called Mepac version – intended for fire support at shorter ranges. They are also made in France. They will eventually have to replace the current mortars pulled by the German Dingoes.

Defense points out the higher security that the Griffons offer. “Since the mortar system is fully integrated into the vehicle, personnel no longer need to dismount to deploy the system,” it said.

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