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Belhabib Istgour submission and delay in grammar

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Belhabib Istgour submission and delay in grammar
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Hespress from RabatSaturday 17 June 2023 – 02:25

On the authority of the “Revival Center for Research and Studies” in Cairo, a book entitled “Presentation and Delay in the Grammatical and Rhetorical Heritage and its Relationship to Meaning” was recently published by Dr. Rachid Belhabib, within 900 pages in which the author dealt with most of the issues related to the problem of preceding and delaying.

And Dr. Belhabib published his book, saying: “Next; For each language has its own logic and its own system that the speaker observes and adheres to, as it is a condition of understanding and understanding, and if the speaker violates this system, the listener will judge his words as strange and abnormal.” Before them – that the Arabic sentence is governed by a coherent system in which the words take the necks of some.

The author, according to a reading by Yahya Salehi, a researcher in the Doha Historical Dictionary, addressed the problem of submission and delay from multiple angles, through three chapters: The first chapter included three chapters, namely: “What is grammar and its issues between pronunciation and meaning,” and “Terminology of submission.” and delay and their idiomatic expressions.” As for the third chapter, it was devoted to the introduction and delay of the scholars, its concept and its topics.

The second chapter of the publication included four chapters, the first centered on “characteristics of the sentence between the freedom of rank and the setting stone”, and the second chapter in which the writer discussed the effect of submission and delay in global investigations, and the third chapter was devoted to the controls of submission, delay and preservation of ranks, while the fourth chapter included the completion of issues of submission and expansion in breach of ranks.

As for the third chapter of the book, the researcher devoted it to discussing the issue in four chapters. In the first chapter, he discussed the concept of semantics and its constituents, before presenting statements of submission and its semantic forms in the second chapter, then the reasons for presentation and its semantic forms in the third chapter, and finally the stylistic structures and issues of presentation in the fourth chapter.

Dr. Belhabib expanded in analyzing the topics of these chapters through investigations that deepened the research in texts and discussed the opinions of ancient and modern scholars. The book won a special place in the International Book and Publishing Fair 2023 in its twenty-eighth session.

With this work, Dr. Belhabib is one of the few researchers who possesses the scientific method in the study of linguistic heritage and its issues.

Submission and delay grammar Rachid Belhabib

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