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Belluno, a 9-year-old boy disappears during an excursion with his father

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Belluno, a 9-year-old boy disappears during an excursion with his father

Hours of anxiety in the Belluno area due to the disappearance of a 9-year-old child who disappeared from his father’s sight in the late afternoon, while the two were on an excursion on the Col Indes, near Sant’Anna di Tambre (Belluno), in the area of Alpago, between Pian delle Laste and Col Indes. The helicopter took off at 8.45pm. The searches, coordinated by the Police Headquarters of Belluno, will continue if necessary throughout the night. In the inaccessible area, many rescuers and dog units are operating. Father and son are resident in the Venetian.

The child is called Francesco, and he lives with his family in Mestre. He wears glasses, a yellow shirt, a dark blue sleeveless vest, shorts and a red backpack. This profile, provided by the Alpine Rescue, engaged in research, in the hope that someone may have seen the child in the area, and is able to provide useful elements to the police. According to an initial reconstruction, the father stopped at the edge of the forest to read an information sign when he, turning to resume the journey, he no longer saw his son. He tried to look for him for a while and eventually sounded the alarm.

Over thirty firefighters, dozens of men from the mountain rescue, the Civil Protection, the police, are participating in the searches. No traces of the baby have yet been found.
Until it got dark, the area was also flown over by a Suem helicopter, to no avail. While awaiting the arrival of the dog units, the firefighters are using some drones with thermo-cameras able to detect from above, thanks to the different chromatic scale compared to the vegetation, the heat transmitted by the human body. The research will continue indefinitely.

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