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Belluno, a child who died after ingesting something: his father investigated

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Belluno, a child who died after ingesting something: his father investigated

He’s under investigation for manslaughter Diego Feltrin41 years old, woodcutter from Codissago di Longarone (Belluno), father of Nicolò, two years old, died Thursday at the Pieve di Cadore hospital. The boy arrived in the emergency room with respiratory failure and a slow heart rate. His father had told the doctors that Nicolò had eaten something strange, a brown substance that he had immediately taken out of his mouth, in the park below the house.

The Prosecutor specifies that the registration of the man in the register of suspects is a due deed pending that the same prosecutor Simone Marcon confers on Wednesday the post of the autopsy to the coroner Antonello Cirnelli. On that occasion also his father, represented by the Belluno lawyer Mauro Gasperin, may appoint a trusted legal advisor. “I don’t really know what could have happened – repeats the parent – I can’t even look at the photo of my baby”.

Nicolò had been in the morning at the playground – Sidney Park, near the church of Codissago, a fraction of Longarone – with his father, who found him with his mouth dirty with dirt, after having ingested something. But it seemed to have ended with the ‘cleaning’ of the mouth. But the child began to feel unwell, so much so that his parents worried that they took him to the emergency room of the hospital in Pieve di Cadore, where he was welcomed in red code.

The little boy lost consciousness, the doctors tried in every way to revive him, for about two hours but the little heart stopped beating. The hospital has alerted the Carabinieri, who have started the first investigations, both in the area of ​​the public garden and in the family home.

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Among the hypotheses being examined by the investigators the fact that Nicolò could have ingested the pesticide or rat poison. Autopsy and toxicological analyzes will allow us to understand what happened. The autopsy exam was scheduled for next Wednesday, in the morgue of the San Martino di Belluno hospital. Then, to say goodbye to the child, we will have to wait for the authorization from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Belluno.

The whole community of the village is shaken by the incident, starting with the mayor of Longarone, Leonardo Padrinwho expressed his closeness to the family.

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