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Belluno, construction fund recovering thanks to the Vaia and Mondiali construction sites

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In one year the number of companies and registered workers increased. Payments went from 22 million euros to over 28 million

BELLUNO. The building starts again and with it the building bank is also raised, chaired by Dario Pietro Tonin and his deputy Marco Nardini. In fact, the data coming from the Cassa are very good, a sign that there is work in the construction sector. This work, however, must not only be linked to a particular moment in the economy, driven above all by the Superbonus 110% and the works for the World Cup and the Olympics, but which must become structural, so as not to undermine a sector that has been trying to recover for some time. .

The numbers

In the period October 2020 – June 2021, 456 companies and 3,603 workers were registered with the Belluno Construction Fund. An important number considering that in the same period of 2019-2020 431 companies and 3,088 employees were registered. The actual hours worked this year were 2,415,943, almost five hundred thousand more than in the same period of the previous year (1,908,842). By increasing the number of companies and also the workers, the taxable contribution paid to the Bank also increased from € 22,090,942 in October 2019-June 2020 to € 28,280,165 in the period October 2020- June 2021: a +28.02 %. But the house’s goal is to close the year at least with a taxable amount of 38 million euros, six million more than in 2020.

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“It is important to highlight that for the sector this increase should not be considered an exceptional thing, but the current level of work should be the norm to guarantee serious planning and management of companies and guarantee continuity of employment and development of the entire province “, says the director of the Construction Fund, Danilo De Zaiacomo, explaining that” the Cassa, founded in 1963, has gradually expanded its functions over the years, providing for new health benefits and in support of the study in favor of workers and their family members, but integrating the original mutualistic purpose with a function of verification and control of the regularity of the companies to ensure transparency and free competition on the market in compliance with the rights of workers and companies “.

Vaia and world cup

But what does this important recovery depend on? “Certainly from the construction sites that were opened for the World Ski Championships and the Olympics as well as those for the Vaia storm”, say from the Cassa. «These are large investments that affect our territory, attracting many companies and workers from Belluno (70%) even from outside. We have also noticed that, fortunately, the vast majority of businesses sign up with our Construction Fund when they come here to work. And thanks to the intersection of the data offered by the Spisal, the contracting stations and the Prefecture, we are able to obtain the data relating to all the companies operating in the area, thus being able to verify that they are regularly registered, that they do not have problems of any kind also with regard to the payments of their workers “.

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