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Belluno, dear bills: funds from the state but half a million is still needed

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Belluno, dear bills: funds from the state but half a million is still needed

Savings and attention to families, but the maintenance sector is suffering. There are no investments planned in the change to the budget that will be illustrated next Wednesday in the city council. The only item included in what is called the capital part is linked to urban regeneration interventions 2: the works planned and financed entirely by the State, for which planning are in progress, have been entered in the budget.

The current part, on the other hand, is more substantial. The administration has allocated 12 thousand euros to increase the spending of Dote Sport, the measure of support for families in dealing with the fees of sports clubs, and 7 thousand euros for the school pre-reception service. This last figure refers to the period October-December, for next year 17 thousand euros will be entered in the forecast. Ten thousand euros, on the other hand, will be given to the Mountain Union for the restoration of the via ferratas on the Schiara (the institution already has a regional contribution, a previous one from the Municipality and one from the Park to carry out the intervention).

At the same time, the Municipality records some savings on expenses: the new contract for the management of the Label Space will make it possible to spend 17 thousand euros less than in the past. There are other savings in the management of the nursery (-30 thousand euros) and for social services (-11 thousand euros). Finally, 11,100 euros are allocated for projects related to the furnishings of the Mediateca delle Dolomiti and the Gabelli: the Merloni law provides that 1.8% of the design costs are destined for those who took care of the project itself, and the figure was not still been budgeted.

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However, the cost of bills is always a concern. “In June we had a 9.28% reduction in KiloWatt and a 75.98% cost increase”, explains the deputy mayor and budget councilor, Paolo Gamba. The data for the summer can only be worse, given the exponential increases that the bills have suffered. “The state has allocated 163,336 euros to the Municipality of Belluno for the expensive bills, but our forecasts say that between now and the end of the year we will still have to find another 535 thousand euros just to pay the electricity bills”. A bloodletting.

Palazzo Rosso had already allocated 1.4 million euros of the administration surplus to cover the energy price increases, and that will not be enough. “And we still have to make the forecast on the warming,” adds Gamba. The situation is more than worrying, so much so that spending forecasts for 2023 are being analyzed with great attention. «The guarded, ticketing and cleaning services of the Fulcis Museum will cost 207,400 euros. How much did the Museum earn from January to August 2022? € 12,800 ”, concludes Gamba. “And then there are the expenses for the management of the Cordele landfill (over 250 thousand euros), 100 thousand euros of postage for protocol and archive services (in 2022 it is never possible)”. We will try to file as much as possible, but the blanket gets shorter and shorter.

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