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Belluno: elderly people deceived, the carabinieri launch an awareness campaign

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Belluno: elderly people deceived, the carabinieri launch an awareness campaign

Fake magicians, carabinieri and Enel employees, up to the fake car accident involving a nephew: the baits are increasingly incredible, but the scammers always pick up something when they knock on the doors of the elderly. In recent months there have been at least three scams committed via telephone against pensioners, which is why the Carabinieri of Belluno have launched an awareness campaign that will involve a vast network of places frequented by them.

Between cash and gold, between 6 and 7 thousand euros were stolen with a scam: the scam involving a nephew involved in a road accident is still in vogue and affects the deepest feelings of the elderly. The criminal calls announcing the disaster and the arrest of the nephew of the victim of the scam, advising them to scrape together the valuables at hand to pay the “bail”: at least three people fell into the trap and handed over what they had to the unknown meanwhile he had knocked on the door to collect.

The carabinieri awareness campaign against scams was presented yesterday by the provincial commander Enrico Pigozzo: with him also the commander of the Nicola Darida Company, Gianfranco Sacchet and Corrado Dal Borgo of the National Carabinieri Association involved in the project. «There are only three cases registered in this province in the last two months, so we are not sounding an alarm and there is no emergency. But three cases, which might seem like an absolute few, are still too many,” said Pigozzo.

The phenomenon, which assumes more significant proportions in other areas of the country, is worrying for its potential, in a province where the average age is rising more and more and where the generosity of the people is never lacking. «Here it is a question of paying attention to small details, we must let everyone know what could happen and what are the systems adopted by these unscrupulous people, to allow all citizens to adopt small measures to prevent these actions, starting from a phone call to 112,” he continued.

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A leaflet and a leaflet in the parishes with the precautions to be taken and the possible forms of fraud will be distributed in places frequented by the elderly. But the appeal is also addressed to the relatives of the elderly, so that this topic at least becomes the subject of conversation: «Today we ask, above all our children, grandchildren, all those who can help us spread the information, to explain to our elderly what might happen and what they need to do. When you go to visit them, talk to them about this too».

Don’t be afraid to disturb 112, continues Pigozzo: «We prefer to run a hundred times just to be sure that the person in front of you is a real carabiniere, a real official rather than having to console a victim robbed of his memories. Do not be afraid or ashamed.” Cri.Co.

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