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Belluno, fifteen new scoreboards to report the closed bailey

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The City runs for cover after complaints about the endless queues in the evening. Councilor Giannone: “From 17.30 to 20 better to opt for other itineraries”

BELLUNO. To limit the inconvenience and the long queues of the bailey bridge over the Piave closed for maintenance, the Municipality tries to run for cover with new signs to be posted in the main road junctions to advise motorists to use alternative routes. In the meantime, however, even last night from Prade to the roundabout in via Lungardo and consequently also along the Dolomites bridge, a long snake of headlights at a snail’s pace unnerved motorists as they exited factories and offices.

The maintenance work on the bridge, meanwhile, will continue at least until Friday 10 December, thus extending its closure (communicated on 2 November and reiterated on 19 November) and extending the works and related inconveniences to the city traffic. For this reason, a new signage has been prepared (about fifteen new billboards) which will soon be positioned at the entrances of the city, in the main roundabouts and in the road junctions: an upgrade made necessary by the fact that the signs already present have obviously not been proved sufficient to alert motorists.

“These are important and necessary works to maintain a road network that on several occasions has proved very useful not only for the inhabitants of Castionese and Visome, but also for all those who have to reach the city from the Sinistra Piave”, comments the councilor for public works, Biagio Giannone, «also on other occasions the Bailey bridge remained closed, but never before had such congested traffic been recorded. We are therefore convinced that the most widespread information and communications can be useful to alert motorists, especially those arriving from outside the city, but not only; so they can head for alternative routes. Obviously, the times when the road is busiest are those of the closures of factories and offices, so around 17.30 to 20, which is why an invitation we make to all people who may have to pass through the area at those times is to already plan the return on alternative itineraries “.

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As mentioned, the works and the closure of the bailey will continue in the coming days and, in case of news, updates will be given in the press, on the website of the Municipality of Belluno and on the social profiles of the institution. The workers made a whole series of checks, including with ultrasounds, on the bridge structure and its supports, repaired the damaged plates and checked all the bolting.

An important and necessary job, even if for the moment to stand out are only the many complaints of workers trapped in traffic.

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