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Belluno mountain unions to save money: half a million from the Province

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Belluno mountain unions to save money: half a million from the Province

Despite a year of great financial difficulties, the Province has found half a million euros to support the mountain Unions. And therefore the territories, because the resources allocated with the change to the budget approved yesterday in the council will allow the Um to do a series of important jobs for the safety of landslides and hydrogeological instability.

The allocation is made possible by some higher revenues, in particular the 737,000 euros reimbursed by the Veneto Region for the works to make the Cancia landslide safe. “Resources that remain in the soil defense chapter and are immediately returned to the territory,” explained the president of the Province, Roberto Padrin. «Aware of the role of the mountain Unions and of the presence of so many situations of fragility in the Belluno mountains, the resources are turned over to the Mountain Unions for interventions on landslides». The remaining amount, 237 thousand euros, will instead be allocated to the Municipalities for road works, to be implemented following specific program agreements.

“It is a rather considerable figure, which is not due, but which must be recognized to the mountain Unions, as the operational arm of the Province in the area” added the councilor responsible for soil defense, Mattia Gosetti. «The hope is that an agreement can be reached to make the financing of the Um structural, even within the regional reorganization plan envisaged for these entities, which need to find new energies to be able to be operational at best and continue to give answers to local administrations and communities».

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«Structural financing»

This year, in fact, the Ums will receive only 500,000 euros from the Province. Last year the budget was two million euros. “It was a very difficult year for the Province’s budget,” added Gosetti on the sidelines of the session. «This year we started negotiations with the Um, together with Uncem, and 500,000 euros was the minimum amount that had been requested. We managed to find them, but it is necessary to restore structural financing, with the resources of the water fees that we are now unable to transfer to the mountain Unions because part of the figure (about 7 million, ndr) must necessarily be involved in the maintenance of the roads that have been transferred to Anas but which Veneto Strade still deals with ». In short, until the road issue is resolved, the Province’s budget will be in plaster.

Nonetheless, this year 500,000 euros were found for the Um: “In any case, the soil defense activity of the Province is going ahead, the works are not stopped”, explains Gosetti.

Funds for municipalities

Even the financing of program agreements with the Municipalities for interventions on the road system follows the same logic. “It represents a small step to help the Municipalities carry out small adjustments, which are fundamental for mountain areas”, underlined the managing director for infrastructures, Fabio Luchetta.

The maneuver

The maneuver launched yesterday by the provincial council has other higher revenues: 172 thousand euros of extraordinary state contribution reserved for the provinces that have suffered a substantial reduction in the revenue of the IPT and the motor liability (which constitute the main items of revenue of the entities of the vast area ), and 570 thousand euros from the bis and ter aid decrees for the higher costs of heating and electricity in schools; they will be used to pay the bills and to supplement the funding of Investi Scuola, secured by the Bim Piave Consortium.

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