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Belluno Police Headquarters, a new room entitled to the “Victims of the Vajont – 9 October 1963”

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On the walls of the room there are historical photographs of the tragedy, with the rescue operations carried out by the police, and official documents of the time

Belluno. The new meeting room dedicated to the “Victims of Vajont” was inaugurated this morning, Friday 8 October, in the headquarters of the Belluno Police Headquarters. The room has been obtained from a room that has recently been renovated. On the walls there are historical photographs of the tragedy of 9 October 1963, with the rescue interventions carried out by the police, but also official documents from the time of the disaster and the parchment conferring honorary citizenship of the Municipality of Longarone to the State Police , in 2013.

At the inauguration ceremony present were the commissioner Lilia Fredella, the prefect Mariano Savastano, the president of the Province of Belluno and the mayor of Longarone Roberto Padrin, the councilor of the Municipality of Belluno Yuki D’Emilia, and the representatives of the police forces of the provincial territory.

“As part of the work that involved the headquarters of the Police Headquarters, we felt it was right to name a space in memory of the Vajont disaster”, underlined the Commissioner Lilia Fredella. «A way to remember the victims, but also the vast rescue system of those days, which saw the police at the forefront. Next to the photos of the time, for which we thank the Zanfron photographic studio, also recent shots, a photograph with the rainbow in front of the dam, testifying to the daily commitment of the men and women of the State Police in the Belluno communities and on the territory”.

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“In recent months I have learned that this is the province of the Dolomites and Vajont” added the prefect, Mariano Savastano. “This meeting room has the advantage of combining in some photographs the memory of the victims of the disaster, the commitment of the rescuers and the daily work of the police forces”.

By the president of the Province and mayor of Longarone, Roberto Padrin, thanks for “a title that is a memory of the past and a warning for the future”.

“We have a duty to keep the memory of what happened on October 9, 1963, because certain disasters must no longer happen,” said Roberto Padrin. «But it is also a duty to testify to the enormous commitment of the rescuers, men and women who have made themselves available to a community in times of need, as our police forces do every day. I am convinced that today, 58 years after the tragedy, thanks for what was a gesture of gratuitous and humanitarian generosity must resonate even more strongly ».

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