Home News Belluno, Spazio Ex raises his voice: «Stop the sale of the Piave barracks. Enough misconduct “

Belluno, Spazio Ex raises his voice: «Stop the sale of the Piave barracks. Enough misconduct “

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State of unrest among the resident associations. The nodes: management regulations and leases

BELLUNO. Lack of security and clarity on rental contracts, a contract for the management of common spaces yet to be approved, total and absolute opposition to the sale of a property through a public auction. Spazio Ex is in a state of turmoil. There is concern among the fifteen associations residing in the former Piave barracks, which following the latest assembly raise their voices towards the Municipality: “Enough misconduct on Spazio Ex,” they say.


The project for the regeneration of the spaces of the former Piave barracks was born in 2013, as an experiment of a social nature and urban redevelopment. At the center were immediately inclusivity and the spirit of collaboration, enhancing the associations of the territory that are committed to carefully guarding the spaces, giving new life to an environment available to the whole community.

Today there are fifteen realities residing in Spazio Ex, very heterogeneous: they range from the Casa dei Beni comune to the Tib, from the Slow Machine to the scouts, from radio amateurs to Gruppo 90 which organizes the Polpet festival.


“After more than eight years of work and investments, the associations have discovered only from the press of the intention by the Municipality to sell a building in the former barracks, a unilateral decision taken without comparison with the various assignees”, reads a note sent by the management assembly, which is made up of all the associations and which asks to block the sale.

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He did so to the mayor, who attended one of the assemblies together with a majority councilor, reiterated it with a request to the junta, registered last week. No response has been received and the auction is confirmed: it will take place this week.


“We feel the last wheel of the wagon in a project in which it is the associations that are part of it that are the heart of the project itself”, continues the assembly of associations, “at the base of which are equality and respect . Instead the municipality and its mayor are forgetting these principles. We asked for a comparison with a unanimous voice but to date no answer ».

For two years the associations have been waiting for the approval of the regulation that determines the management of the common areas of the complex. It was built in a collegial manner, also dealing with the municipal offices, and regulates the management of maintenance (ordinary and extraordinary), cleaning, everything needed to make the area work. Until now the associations have operated in self-management, but if a building were sold, it would be very difficult to regulate the situation.


“For several years, associations have been asking for greater security and clarity on rental contracts, declaring that, if the intention is to sell part of the properties, it is essential to have established clear rules because otherwise there is the risk of creating discord”, he continues the assembly.

There are associations that have made considerable investments to renovate and redevelop buildings and hangars, which go well beyond the nine-year rent (deducted by the municipality for the duration of the contract).

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Anyone who entered the Piave barracks in 2013 will see their contract expire next year. What will happen? Associations are asked. “If there had been the possibility of buying parts of the complex from the beginning, perhaps some would have made different arguments.”


The associations are in a state of turmoil. “We are against the sale of a portion of the complex without there being an overall reasoning”, they conclude. «The auction will be this week and no one has asked us yet. It seems that the only priority is to sell and monetize, regardless of those who would like to see in Spazio Ex a project of true sharing and inclusion. We just have to wait confidently that the mayor and his council can return to believe in the Ex Space, respecting the same objectives set at the birth of the project and giving more attention to the subjects who live it “.

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