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Belluno, the expensive bills burns savings: fewer works

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Belluno, the expensive bills burns savings: fewer works

The 2021 administration surplus tied for energy increases. Olivotto: review the restrictions on provisions

BELLUNO. Over eight million of funds set aside by law. And the free surplus fully committed to meet the increases in energy costs, which weigh on the Municipality and its investee companies. It means that this year, net of interventions by the State, with possible refreshments, the 2021 administration surplus cannot be used to carry out public works, as always happens. Bad news for Palazzo Rosso, which is preparing to approve the final balance sheet in a situation that requires much more than reflection.

A premise: the accounts are in order, it can be read in the resolution approved by the municipal council. The 2021 surplus is 12,119,784.86 euros, of which 8,357,502 euros are in the “provisions” chapter, for doubtful receivables (6.2 million) and for potential liabilities (1.9).

A figure too high, explains the outgoing deputy mayor and councilor for the budget, and candidate for mayor, Lucia Olivotto: “The sum derives from the blocking of compulsory collection in the two years of the pandemic,” he explains. “But I think the time has come for the state to change some constraints. It is correct not to spend money that has not been collected, but we should also look at the cash register, at the liquidity of the Municipalities. What is the point of keeping over 12 million euros in the current account, which is also non-interest bearing (it does not generate interest, ndr)? A review of the provisions should be made, with caution but allowing the Municipalities to release sums to carry out public works ».

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Works and works that the city needs, but this year the risk is that they will be reduced. Almost all the free surplus, equal to 1,840,753.69 euros, in fact, will be tied up to cover the costs of bills. Which have doubled. It will cost more to illuminate the streets, public buildings, schools, sports facilities. The swimming pool has very high energy costs: the increases have effectively eliminated the savings obtained with the interventions made for energy saving. “And let’s imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t invested in sports facilities,” Olivotto reflects.

The municipal council will be proposed to bind 1.4 million for the increases in electricity and gas, and almost 330 thousand euros for investee companies. In detail: € 176,819 for Sportamente Belluno, due to the price increases but also for the missed collections due to the Covid restrictions in the first three months of the year; 150 thousand for Sersa, also here due to the increase in bills and the drop in revenues due to the beds that remain empty due to lack of staff.

«There should be some refreshments from the state on energy price increases», concludes Olivotto, «but today the situation is this. The next administration will have to work hard to find resources everywhere, and activate all the forces in the city. We have an enormous challenge ahead of us, and a really complicated situation to manage ».

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