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Belluno, the mechatronic ITS becomes reality: 23 students are enrolled in the two-year course

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They will acquire the high professionalism required by companies. The Iti Segato will be the headquarters of the Confindustria initiative


In the midst of economic recovery, industrial in particular, companies are looking for qualified personnel they cannot find. And here in Belluno, on the initiative of Confindustria, the ITS course for automation and mechatronic systems starts. There were 33 participants, almost all of whom were recent graduates and almost all of them from the province of Belluno. A dozen of them, however, then decided to follow another direction. So there are 23 left.

“This is a very high participation”, underlines Cristina Seu, from the Reviviscar coordination, Education Service and University of Confindustria. “All the more significant because many of these young people already had a possible career path having found the availability of companies ready to start it”.

Evidently, the candidates did four maths and found that from the point of view of the professional future, having an ITS behind them is an added value for the career. “Ours”, explains Seu, “is a non-university tertiary training course that responds to the demand of companies for new and high technical and technological skills in order to promote innovation processes”. According to Seu, it represents “a further and important piece of work carried out to strengthen the skills of human resources in the province of Belluno, retaining talents and if anything, attracting new ones”.

This is a concern that the new management of Confindustria Belluno-Dolomiti immediately set itself, trying to carry out ITS courses on the one hand and promoting Luiss higher education on the other. The mechatronics course is two-year and develops over 2 thousand hours, distributed annually between 600 hours in the classroom and 400 of internship in the company. Basically, three days a week for class and two days at work. 50% of the teaching staff comes from the business world and this demonstrates the effectiveness of the course where it will focus on specific courses, perhaps even taking into account the needs posed by the industries that have declared themselves willing to welcome students.

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These companies are not only the metalworking ones, which today are in great shape, but also some eyewear shops, where mechatronics has begun to make its way. The courses start with a minimum of 20 students and a maximum of 25. If there is any defection to start in September, the organization will immediately make further selections.

That the course – which will be held at the Segato Institute in Belluno – will include highly qualified professionals in the study plan: 68 hours of teaching on the elements of mechanics and mechanical technologies, another 84 hours on electrotechnics, electronics and systems industrial electrical, 68 hours in programming and data management, 16 hours in safety at work.

There is no shortage of first aid and firefighting courses for 32 hours. But, beware, English will also be taught at ITS, for about eighty hours; 56 hours will instead have quality as a subject, 32 hours for organization and labor law, 72 hours will be spent in Cad-Cam. One of the largest hourly rates (172 hours) is dedicated to mechanical, electrical and electronic components, 164 hours to mechatronic systems, 68 hours to maintenance and management of mechatronic systems, 288 hours to team working.

«There are about fifteen companies that have requested these new professional skills; the hiring will take place close to the end of the course ”, underlines Seu. It is clear that we will have to wait 2 years. –

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