Home News Belluno, theft raid in Cirvoi and Madeago. The three thieves filmed by the cameras

Belluno, theft raid in Cirvoi and Madeago. The three thieves filmed by the cameras

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Seven homes forced and a Range Rover stolen. “They were hooded, difficult to get to them”

BELLUNO. They had already visited the Castionese area during Halloween, but returned yesterday in the late afternoon.

A mini gang of three thieves broke into at least seven houses in Cirvoi, plus two more where the theft didn’t go into doors. All in less than three hours. The procedure is always the same: wait for dusk, check that the inhabitants of the house are absent and then force the entrance door, to take everything possible.

And after Cirvoi, they moved a couple of kilometers below, in the hamlet of Madeago, where they stole the Range Rover of Flavio Dal Farra, the owner of the Dal Farra Legnami company.

A terrible afternoon for the residents of the area, even if, unlike the previous time, the thieves were filmed by some cameras in Cirvoi.

“We have already seen the videos, which were then delivered to the police,” says a resident, “the three characters see each other very well even if they are hooded and it will be very difficult to get to them.”

His home was one of the first to be forced into.

“Usually on Wednesdays I’m at home with my son, but this time I was away. A neighbor warned me, suspicious that the door was open and he had heard dogs barking. So I went right back and found the door broken, I think with a screwdriver, and everything turned upside down. Apart from a few euros, but not much stuff, they took away a precious ring from me. Perhaps the only thing of value they could find. While in the house next door, where my brother lives, they ran away, after having forced the door, because they were frightened by his big dog ».

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After the first two houses, the thieves moved to the Cooperative area.

“They tried to enter two other houses without success and instead entered at least five others, in addition to ours. I really hope they can catch them, because it’s impossible to live with this worry. “

After the raid in Cirvoi, the thieves arrived in Madeago, where for now the theft of the Range Rover is reported.

«I left the office at 7.30 pm. We live very close and therefore I assume that the car was stolen later. The thing that I don’t explain is that we were all at home and we found the upstairs completely messy. I immediately notified my neighbors, hoping that the thefts were over ».

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