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Benedetti threatens to tell who financed Petro’s campaign

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Benedetti threatens to tell who financed Petro’s campaign

Some explosive audios in which the former ambassador to Venezuela, Armando Benedetti, threatens to reveal who financed the campaign of President Gustavo Petro on the Caribbean coast were revealed by Semana magazine.

In the audios, Benedetti, exalted for considering himself mistreated by the government nationaltells the former chief of staff, Laura Sarabia, that if he reveals what he knows, they would all go to jail.

Armando Bendetti played a key role in the presidential campaign of Gustavo Petro, of which he was head, and in the audios he assures that he obtained $15 billion for the political project.

After learning about the audios, the former ambassador assured that the recordings were manipulated.

“The audios of @RevistaSemana have been manipulated. I apologize to the president @petrogustavo and @laurisarabia for the aggression and the malicious attack that does NOT come from me,” Benedetti wrote on Twitter.

These are some of the most controversial asides from the audios revealed by Semana:

who put the money

“Sorry, Laura, but one also explodes, it’s that they go too far in quality, I was the one who organized all the votes, son of a bitch, on the Coast, all of them, son of a bitch, without them putting a penny and also that money went to the Pacific. Who sees that now? Nothing. Or do you want me to say, son of a bitch, who was the one who put up the money? Don’t screw my life, don’t screw my life, because what happened yesterday and the day before (was) crap Laura, from you and from the president”.

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“Get ready because at any time I claim my political space and don’t do it so they can see and if you think it’s a threat, it’s a threat and if you want to record it, record it, I explode because yesterday you mistreated me like shit and that was not heard makes Benedetti”

we all fuck

“With so much shit that I know, well we all screw ourselves, yes, you screw me, I screw you, but the twin towers fall. (…) Osama Bin LadenWhen he knocked down the twin towers, he didn’t give a damn about the image and if they were going to kill him or not, but he knocked down the twin towers”

At payment

“Nobody leaves me lying there for three hours, a man who held 100 meetings in a political campaign, a man who got 15,000 million and now… I looked for all the money and you know it more than anyone, so they could go to the hotels , so that he would come here and everything else”.

Worse than process 8,000

“The moment I say who gave the money here on the Coast, I know it’s that monda, you don’t know a shit about history, read how the son of a bitch (process) 8,000 started and why it started, there’s the key to everything that is going to happen to you, and if you think it’s blackmail, you think it’s blackmail, it’s a response to a form of son of a bitch of yours, it’s a response to a son of a bitch, it’s not blackmail yet,” he told her. Benedetti assured what was Petro’s right hand. And he insisted: “Let’s see what if someone says who put the money here on the coast… jum…”.

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“We are going to jail”

“It’s not sucking cock, it’s not a threat, because you know me. I’m not going to let myself be sucked, Laura, I swear on the lives of my children that it will never happen, we all sink, we all finish, we go to jail, we finish all the son of a bitch dick”.


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