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Bengbu, Anhui warns that the food crisis is doomed, causing heated discussions | Harvesting green wheat | Delayed sowing |

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Bengbu, Anhui warns that the food crisis is doomed, causing heated discussions | Harvesting green wheat | Delayed sowing |

[Epoch Times, May 14, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Li Yun comprehensive report) In response to the problem of farmers harvesting green wheat in advance, Bengbu City, Anhui Province issued an emergency notice saying that the food crisis is doomed and it is necessary to prevent the destruction of wheat. Many people believe that due to the impact of the epidemic, farmers who delay planting and go to the ground need a “field permit”. Destroying wheat and selling green wheat is the way to stop losses.

On May 14, the Bengbu Municipal Government website of Anhui Province notified that the Bengbu District Agricultural Village Water Conservancy Bureau and the Bengshan District Commerce and Foreign Affairs Bureau of Bengbu City successively issued emergency notices to prevent the destruction of wheat.

The notice also stated that this year’s epidemic situation is serious, and the second half of the year is coming, and the world‘s food prices will skyrocket, and the food crisis is doomed! All localities are required to “contact me in time” when they discover the harvesting of green wheat.

In addition to Anhui, Henan, Hebei, Shandong and other places have experienced farmers harvesting green wheat ahead of schedule.

Comprehensive Lu media reported on the 14th that there are only more than 20 days before the mature harvest of northern winter wheat. Farmers sell mature wheat and earn 1,200 yuan (RMB, the same below) per mu, and 1,500 yuan from green wheat.

On the 12th, the Agricultural Village Bureau of Wei County, Hebei Province and the Agricultural Village Bureau of Nangong City both issued notices that the use of green wheat as feed is an act of competition between livestock and people for food, which endangers the overall situation of food insurance, and must be firmly opposed and stopped.

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The Agricultural Village Bureau of Shangqiu City, Henan Province also held a meeting on the 11th, saying that it is necessary to comprehensively investigate whether there are various types of wheat damage, such as silage wheat, damaged wheat to start construction, and damaged wheat to plant trees. Once found, it should be prevented.

Independent reporter Gao Yu tweeted on the 13th that although the Ministry of Agriculture and various provinces have successively issued notices prohibiting the destruction of wheat, there are still people on the Internet defending farmers, arguing that this is due to the impact of the epidemic. “Certificate”, this year is destined to reduce production, farmers selling green wheat is the way to stop the loss.

The netizen “zero3rd engineer” disclosed what he had learned, “This year’s epidemic has led to the paralysis of transportation and logistics, and the reduction of feed imports from Europe and the United States has led to a surge in domestic feed prices in China. Therefore, feed manufacturers directly purchase immature wheat from rural areas and sell them as feed to animal husbandry. “

A rural woman in Henan stood in her field and took a selfie on Douyin and said, “I have seen people selling silage wheat on the Internet for 1,500 yuan per mu in the past two days. I’m envious, but no one here comes to collect it. Then someone said that they sold 1,500 yuan. Food is wasted, and the farmers are blamed on the moral high ground.”

“One mu of wheat is sold for 800 yuan, and silage wheat is sold for 1,500 yuan per mu. If you are farming, how would you sell it? Farmers know the value of grain better than anyone else! But farmers have no salary and no pension… No one cares when it’s not easy to grow, and no one cares when chemical fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides are expensive…Farmers sell grain, and when the price is cheap, no one will say, ‘It’s not easy for farmers to grow land, and the price should be higher’.”

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The peasant woman said: “I don’t harvest silage wheat here. If someone comes to harvest it, my family will plant more than 40 mu of wheat. We keep a little enough for our own food, and sell all the rest of the green wheat, which saves the cost of harvesting and the trouble of drying. , how much more money can be sold, how beautiful!”

The government warns that the food crisis is doomed, and netizens are talking about it

An anonymous user on Zhihu said that you told farmers that it was a food security issue. But is this security issue the responsibility of the state or the responsibility of the farmers? Farmers don’t have any pensions, intensive care units…

Netizen “Bu Hua” said, “Food security? Why should the peasant group with the least right to speak carry such a big righteousness?! To use this righteousness as a banner to ask the lowest-income people to donate is pure hooliganism.

“What is a food crisis that is doomed? Isn’t it already announced that the proportion of green wheat will not affect the national grain reserves? You spread the grain shortage and want to push the crisis on the farmers who sell green wheat?”

“If there is a real food crisis, it’s not just the farmland. Issues such as brewing, feeding grains, delaying spring ploughing, heavy fines and even sentences for farmers who go to the fields to farm are all the sources of the food crisis.”

“After the wheat is mature, you will receive 2,500 per mu of land. I promise not to sell the green reserves.” “Raising the purchase price of grain is the fundamental solution.” How did it come about? How did the food crisis come about?”

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