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Berlusconi and the ambition to climb the Colle: I can play my cards

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For now, those who have heard it say they are not thinking about holding back. Convinced that «I can play my cards …». In short, Silvio Berlusconi does not give up on the match for the Quirinale. And it goes on like a train. Not even the last sentences pronounced today by Matteo Salvini (“the League will be in government, regardless of who is in Palazzo Chigi”), which seemed to most people a clear departure, would not have worried him that much. Concentrated on finding as many votes as possible, the Cav does not let itself be diverted from its goal, that of «climbing the highest col. The former premier, who today heard from the allies, is convinced that Mario Draghi will ultimately stay at Palazzo Chigi: if he is elected to the presidency of the Republic – he repeats to anyone even in these hours – the government falls and goes straight to the vote anticipated. On this point, they say, he is immovable and here is the determination that leads him to play the game to the end and not miss a unique opportunity. Since arriving in Rome yesterday afternoon, he has never turned off the phone, he meets, listens to everyone, takes notes, makes a thousand calculations about who could support him in Parliament and who could not. Berlusconi knows very well, however, that without a united center-right you can’t go anywhere. Hence the perennial call to unity, also renewed today in the course of a phone call to Matteo Salvini, whom he will see on Friday at Villa Grande together with Giorgia Meloni. “I see a positive situation, it is not an impossible mission”, assures Antonio Tajani, number two for the force, who is the spokesperson for the mood of the Knight.

The fear, however, that winds among the allies and also within Forza Italia, is that Berlusconi may crash, thus losing the opportunity to “manage” an election that for the first time offers the center-right the role of king maker. So much so, they report, that those in the Fi house, even among the most loyal, who noticed the classic smell of burning, the taste of the flag candidacy, would have immediately warned the Cav: before giving your availability, check the compactness of the coalition around your name … The day after tomorrow’s summit, which will be held after the state funeral of David Sassoli EU Parliament), will be an opportunity to understand if Berlusconi’s candidacy can hold up to the end. The invitations to the centrists of “Coraggio Italia”, UDC and Noi con Italia by Maurizio Lupi have not yet arrived: at present, they report, it has not been decided whether the summit will be enlarged or will remain a “trilateral” between Lega, Fdi and Fi.

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