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Berlusconi corrects the shot on Kiev: “Let’s help them defend themselves”. “I’m on the pitch in 2023, I’ll go on TV”

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Berlusconi corrects the shot on Kiev: “Let’s help them defend themselves”.  “I’m on the pitch in 2023, I’ll go on TV”

Communism is “the most inhuman and perverse philosophy in the history of mankind”. Thus the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, in his speech at the party convention “Italy of the future”. Il Cavaliere is back, after the ailments, the hospitalizations, the trials. He is back like a river in flood at the convention in Naples. After the words in favor of opening a dialogue with Vladimir Putim today the president of Forza Italia returns to the role of the protagonist. Even if, precisely in relation to the words spent on the Russian president, now Minister Maristella Gelmini attacks: “Too many ambiguities in Forza Italia”.

Berlusconi, hand extended to Putin


20 Maggio 2022

The Knight returns
A Berlusconi who spans several themes. He arrives in the Campania capital and greets with a «thank you for the affectionate welcome. Naples is a city that I love, they have always told me that I am a Neapolitan born in Milan, that I was a ‘volcano’ of ideas and I wrote more than 100 Neapolitan songs ». Then move on to more insightful issues and which, certainly, will create debate and controversy. One above all, support for the government: “Forza Italia wanted a government of national unity, and it supports it with conviction”. And finally: “We are always with the West, we must not apologize to anyone”.

Berlusconi: “Forza Italia is not a part of the center right, it is the center right”

“We with the West always”
«That future of which we want to be protagonists, because we know that our ideas, our values, our programs are the only ones truly adequate to govern a great leading country in Europe and in the world. I want to remind you once again, Forza Italia is a great national party, present and rooted in the South as well as in the North, which is based on liberal, Christian, guarantist and pro-European ideas and principles ». Thus Berlusconi, in his speech at the convention, explaining that “we are the only ones in Italy who consistently represent all these values, we are the only ones who have summarized them and translated it into a program and government action. We are the only ones who do not have to apologize for anything in our past, who have always been – as we are today – on the side of the freedom of democracy, of Europe, of the West », he argued. “We are the only ones to have governed without ever putting our hands in the pockets of the Italians, we are the only ones to have governed asking ourselves, before launching a provision, if this would have made Italians more or less free, and to stop it if it had reduced any freedom, we are the only ones who have always supported, on every occasion, by the government and the opposition, our troops engaged abroad in peacekeeping missions, siding without hesitation with our flag, with the women and men of our Armed Forces. really
be proud of ourselves and our history, ”he said.

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Berlusconi: “Ukraine is a country under attack, we must help it defend itself”

“We are the center right”
The Knight then claims the decisive role of Forza Italia in a breakfast, Berlusconi underlines, which “without us would be right-right”. «I said it in Rome a few weeks ago and I repeat it today: Forza Italia is not part of the center-right, but Forza Italia is the center-right. Without FI it would no longer be center-right but a right-right ». Then Berlusconi underlines that «our model of good governance of cities and regions is our calling card, in view of next year’s political elections. Elections that we absolutely must win, to govern the country on the basis of our programs ».
“I’m on the pitch for 2023, I’ll go on TV,” he added

Ridge Forrester of ‘Beautiful’ aka actor Ron Moss speaks at Berlusconi’s convention in Naples

The Putin case
Absent, for institutional reasons, Maria Stella Gelmini who returns to talk about the Putin case and the Cavaliere’s support for the Russian president. “Italy cannot be the soft underbelly of the West and above all it cannot become one due to Forza Italia’s responsibility: unfortunately, yesterday’s words from Berlusconi do not deny our ambiguities. I hope that today, from the stage in Naples, a clear stance will emerge in favor of Ukraine, the European Union, NATO and the West. Today, rather than listening to Putin’s words, we need to listen to the cry of pain of Ukraine, raped and oppressed by the invader “, said the Minister of Regional Affairs, Maria Stella Gelmini, on the sidelines of a conference at the Didacta fair in course in Florence. And on this aspect the Knight has returned. «Ukraine is the attacked country and we must help it defend itself. Forza Italia is – and will always remain – on the side of Europe, on the side of the Atlantic Alliance, on the side of the West, on the side of the United States ».
But it is a 360-degree Berlusconi who returns to the question of the Italian left, which has always been one of his targets: “Speaking of Atlanticism, I really appreciate the Atlanticist zeal of the Democratic Party in recent weeks, I would just like to remind you that the history of the Italian left it has not always been this “. And he specified:” I am not speaking only of the fierce opposition of the Communist Party to Italy’s entry into NATO, nor of support for the invasion of Hungary: I want to recall, in much more recent times, in the 1980s, the equally fierce opposition to the Craxi government’s decision to install the so-called “Euromissiles” to respond to the threat of Soviet missiles aimed directly at our country ». he pointed out.

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The danger China
«Today we are faced with an international scenario in which the most serious danger comes from China. From an economic, political and military point of view, ”declared Berlusconi. «China is a communist and totalitarian state, with the atomic bomb and potential far superior to that of Russia. The events in Ukraine bring Moscow closer to Beijing. We have lived for a long time under the umbrella of NATO and America. Today, the American priorities, in perspective, are moving towards the Pacific and the challenge of China ».

At the convention there is Ridge of Beautiful: if I were Italian I would vote for Berlusconi
Welcomed by the appaluses of the audience, Ronn Moss, the star of the soap ‘Beautiful’ in which he plays the character of Ridge, entered the room where the Forza Italia convention is taking place in Naples. «I am very happy to be here – he said going up on stage – and I thank Silvio Berlusconi. If I were resident in Italy I would have no doubts, I would vote for him ». In his speech, Moss testified to his love for Puglia which recently led him to invest in an 18th century farmhouse between Fasano and Monopoli.

«Thanks to Ron Moss for his words and for having wanted to participate in the Forza Italia convention in Naples. Beautiful! ». So on Instagram the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi thanked the leading actor for the trust expressed in him from the stage of the blue event. Then he posted a photo with him at the overseas fair.

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