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Berlusconi: “Forza Italia, center-right column in the elections, we will indicate the premier. The resigned will disappear ”. M5s? “Of the runaways”

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Berlusconi: “Forza Italia, center-right column in the elections, we will indicate the premier.  The resigned will disappear ”.  M5s?  “Of the runaways”

The climate is tense. And there is no time to waste. September 25 is close and asks Silvio Berlusconi to return to TV after three years of absence. This will be “an electoral campaign that I want to follow personally – declares the blue leader, a guest at” Zona Bianca “- to bring Forza Italia to be the thinking column of the center-right: only we can guarantee an innovative, effective government, which decreases taxes and increase the desire to do business, investments and jobs ». Il Cavaliere smiles and immediately silences the discussions on the premiership: “It will be Forza Italia to indicate the premier, because I take the field once again in an electoral campaign as I have done several times – he underlines -, because I feel a strong duty to do so. and, therefore, we will make him an electoral campaign in which we will try to convey to the Italians all the reasons they would have in indicating us with their vote ». Berlusconi is keeping up with the times and announces that there will be no rallies: “The campaign will be on social media.” The statements «should not exceed 3 minutes, therefore very concentrated – he explains -. But I feel fit and I think I can do some convincing things ».

The Forza Italia leader faces the stumbling block of the government crisis: in Parliament, he explains, “we had the surprise that Pier Ferdinando Casini presented another resolution, which wanted to keep everything going like this”. After the vote, “Draghi had the confidence to go to the House, but the big surprise was that he showed up and resigned. We didn’t have any reason to say no to Draghi ». On the resignation of some members of Forza Italia, he says he is “embittered”: “I didn’t think they would find an advantage in going elsewhere, it has never happened for all those who have left Forza Italia, from Alfano to Bondi have disappeared and will disappear too” .

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On the center-left, «I do not see this unity, on the contrary – he comments -. The M5s does not go with the Democratic Party, this fact is a guarantee for us of victory. There is Calenda who with this fake ‘doily’ thinks to take it to the left but there will be few votes. Keep in mind that Calenda has changed party and party name five times in 5 years. Therefore, there is no possibility for the left to surpass the votes of the center right ». The exponents of the Five Star Movement, on the other hand, are “runaways”.

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Time to program. After trees and pensions, there will be “less taxes, less bureaucracy, more justice, more security – explains Berlusconi -, things for the young, for the elderly, for the environment and, finally, our foreign policy. We are the only witnesses of the liberal, Christian, pro-European, guarantor tradition, of the principles and values ​​of Western civilization ». Then he goes back to specifying: “With regard to the elderly, we want to give serenity and dignity to those people who have not been able to pay contributions, but who are the people who have worked the most tirelessly at home, in the afternoon, in the evening, some turn at night, on Saturdays, Sundays, during the holidays, our grandmothers and our mothers: we will guarantee, and we have already done the math on where to find the naturally necessary funds, one thousand euros a month for thirteen months to all our grandmothers and to all our mothers, I think this is good news for 13 million elderly people ». Not only. «We add the free dentist – he continues -, even for expensive implants, for the elderly who do not have the possibility to have it. And, finally, we are committed to halving the waiting times for examinations and medical interventions because they are now too long ».

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On the government team “we are working on it”, Berlusconi said, but what is certain is that it will be a government “of capable men”, he assures, “of men who know how to deal with problems, who know how to find the right solutions, who they know how to realize these solutions “. Even on the result, the blue leader has few doubts: «I think that with an important presence in this electoral campaign we will be able to explain many things to the Italians and I believe that this will be very useful to our country. With Forza Italia I expect to reach 20% ». When asked what eyes the center-right should have to win the next political elections, Berlusconi replied “he must have the eyes of the generosity of intelligence and goodness, all different from the eyes of a tiger” cited by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta.

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