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Berlusconi on Putin: what he said at Porta a Porta and the reactions to the declaration

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Berlusconi on Putin: what he said at Porta a Porta and the reactions to the declaration

On the sentences of Berlusconi yesterday at Porta a Porta, relating to Putin’s motivations, today comes the clarification of the leader of Forza Italia. “It was enough to see the whole interview – and not just an extrapolated sentence, synthetic for reasons of time, as we know the simplification is sometimes wrong – to understand what my thought is, which has been known for some time,” says Berlusconi. «I was referring to what some people say without any adherence of my thoughts to that story. Maybe I was misunderstood I was just a ‘reporter’ referring to the thoughts of others, ”he explains. “The aggression against Ukraine is unjustifiable and unacceptable, the position of Forza Italia clear and clear: we will never be able in any way or for any reason to break our participation in the European Union and in the Atlantic Alliance”, reiterates Berlusconi

Berlusconi: “Putin just wanted to replace Zelensky with a government of decent people”


Many Italian leaders have expressed themselves on the sentences of the Forza Italia leader, but not only. According to Carlo Calenda a Porta a Porta Berlusconi was «a cross between Putin’s spokesman and military adviser. Truly tragic. ” Osvaldo Napoli is on the same line as his party leader: «I heard like all the delusional phrases pronounced by President Berlusconi in connection with Porta a Porta. More than being indignant with him, I am indignant with that court of incapable and profiteers that surrounds him and forces him, he now tired and with a reduced lucidity, to say the nonsense he said ». A note was also issued by the Radicals: «The words spoken yesterday by Silvio Berlusconi at Porta a Porta surpass all the statements made previously. We are facing a real alliance with the enemy “

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From abroad came the comment of Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian Prime Minister and MEP of Renew Europe: «Scandalous! Berlusconi as Putin’s apologist and bad military adviser. Prevent them from getting their hands on power in Rome! ».

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