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Berlusconi, words to honey for the grillini: M5S like Forza Italia

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“The vote to the Five Star Movement, from which we are very far away, was born of reasons that were anything but ignoble or unreasonable. It was born from the same unease and the same annoyance for a certain type of politics for which Forza Italia was born ». Surprisingly, Silvio Berlusconi talks like this, in an interview that will appear on 11 December for MF’s 35 years. “The Five Stars – says Berlusconi, speaking with great respect on this occasion – have not been able to give representation to this Italy, but have given voice to a real unease, which deserves respect, attention and even answers”.

«The word moderates – explained the Knight – lends itself to a misunderstanding. The moderates are not those who do not have strong opinions, deep convictions, intense civil passions: they are those who with rationality and concreteness, with respect for others and a critical spirit, manifest their convictions and choose on the basis of these “.

Such sweet words towards the grillini that they requested a comment from their leader, Giuseppe Conte, especially if Berlusconi’s words are read against the background of the race for the Quirinale: “I appreciate Berlusconi’s change of course on the Movement but it won’t be him the candidate of the M5s: for the figure of the head of state we have other objectives “. The approaches between the two worlds have been remarkable lately, and from hatreds we have passed if not to love, to pronounced forms of dialogue at a distance. Now the new step by Berlusconi, who will clearly sow doubts among the grillini, especially the many to the second term who have no chance of being reappointed in the new course.

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