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Beware, counterfeit bills circulate

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Beware, counterfeit bills circulate

Merchants in northern Cauca were on alert after denouncing that counterfeit $100,000 bills are circulating in this region.

The alert was given by the merchants of the municipality of Santander de Quilichao, who denounced that the false high denomination banknotes belong to several series which have been detected in this and other municipalities in the region.

That is why they alerted not only the merchants of this region but also the community itself so that it learns to identify said bills.

There is concern because said money may be circulating not only in Cauca but also in the south of Valle and other regions of the country.

The authorities of this region began investigations to find the whereabouts of those who are falsifying or distributing this money in order to capture the criminals.

Likewise, they also warned about this fact and asked the community to also denounce it.

The Bank of the Republic also investigates to determine the veracity of the information of the commercial sector.

Photo: Bank of the Republic


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