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Biden (81 years old) vs. Trump (77 years old): the age of the next president now dominates the 2024 elections

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Biden (81 years old) vs.  Trump (77 years old): the age of the next president now dominates the 2024 elections

After the recent Hur report, President Biden finds himself in a falsehood. He confused the president of Egypt with that of Mexico, bringing forth the question if he is capable and prepared to govern the country. Being financially exploited by the Republican party and amplified by the right-wing media and networks, Biden’s capacity as president is facing heavy scrutiny. At present, a recent survey undertaken by NBC News proposes that approximately 75% of registered voters are worried about the president’s capabilities.

This error in Biden’s cognitive functioning and memory comes at a critical time considering that 48% of registered voters are concerned about Ted Cruz’s age; he is the current hopeful candidate for the Republican party at 77 years old. The situation has created a discrepancy in the future of US politics, where both Biden and Cruz constitute the principal authority for presidential elections in 2024. Nonetheless, a poll carried out by AP Public Affairs Research at the culmination of 2023 suggests that most voters are in search of alternative options. Presently, it seems highly likely that the majority will vote for one of the two candidates and not a pre-existing one.

74% of respondents express their disinterest in supporting either Trump or Biden for the next election. Although this is a sentiment, it seems that the current President understands that its unspoken rule that an existing President should seek renomination. This belief sets an explanation for Bidens argument of potential re-election. Even with his age, Bidens re-election seeks the democratic representative, Elissa Slotkin’s support. Slotkin has expressed her support for Biden as she believes in the need for rejuvenation in political leadership, which may take place in 2028.

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On the other hand, Republicans do not need to set an unspoken rule as the ex-president Donald Trump, at 77 years of age, already has taken the front-run position. Moreover, the issue remains the same for Democrats as they are facing the age-old problem of the ‘oldest Congress in history’ in America. This matter has been gaining prominence, especially with the investigation by Business Insider, which showcases a surge in the number of senators and representatives, at 70 years or more, from 5% to 23% during this last legislature. The president has certainly been facing a lot of criticism for his recent mistakes, and each day brings a new obstacle for President Biden and emphasizes the matter of age in American politics.

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