Home News Bill Emmott at the FT: “Draghi would be more useful to Italy at the Quirinale”

Bill Emmott at the FT: “Draghi would be more useful to Italy at the Quirinale”

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Mario Draghi at the Quirinale would be an “imperfect solution” but the best possible for Italy. Bill Emmott, former director of the Economist and observer of Italian politics, is convinced of this and explains his theory today in the opinion section of the Financial Times. According to Emmott, in fact, in a sort of “ideal world” where “perfect solutions” exist, Draghi would remain at the helm of the Italian government for the five years necessary to complete the NRRR which he himself introduced last February. As this is not likely, “the best imperfect solution” is that he be elected President of the Republic. According to the author, if only for that ‘truce’ underway between the parties of the government coalition, with only the Brothers of Italy in opposition, but destined to last for more than six months, once the “fever electoral”. Ultimately Emmott stresses that “what is needed is that the balance in Italian politics leans more towards the long-term implementation of the reforms, so that they also hold up with future governments” and that in essence Draghi would be more useful. to supervise and guarantee this process, by the Quirinale.

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