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Bills, all ready for 200 thousand companies: from 1 July the gradual protection service is activated definitively

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The date to be marked in red is 1 July when the gradual protection service will definitively enter full capacity, after the farewell to the greater protection for the bills of 200 thousand small businesses. Starting from that deadline, the service will be provided by merchants who have been selected through specific competitive procedures (repeated after three years) at the territorial area level, with the contractual conditions of the Placet offers (at free price but under conditions but under equivalent conditions of protection). The economic conditions relating to expenditure on energy will continue to be based on the final values ​​of the single national price (the Pun, the reference price of electricity in Italy purchased on the power exchange), as in the provisional allocation, and to include fees to cover other procurement and marketing costs, with a part defined on the basis of the tender award results.

The outcome of the auctions for the service to small businesses

The start of the new step comes after the announcement, which took place last week, by the Single Buyer who published the rankings for each of the 9 territorial areas. A2A and Hera won the largest number of lots with three assignments each. In particular, the Lombard multi-utility led by Renato Mazzoncini has established itself in Lazio, Lombardy (excluding Milan) and in Veneto, Liguria and Trentino. The Emilian group, on the other hand, has conquered Campania and Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo, and again, Molise, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily and Sardinia.


What happens until June 30th

Until 30 June, as is known, the user will continue to be assigned in a transitional manner to the provider of the greater protection that already serves the customer, with contractual conditions coinciding with those of the existing Placet offers. Until the end of this phase, the price will be similar to that of the enhanced protection service which, for the part of the expenditure for energy, will continue to reflect changes in the price of electricity in the wholesale market but will be based on final values ​​of the Pun. All the other components of the bill will continue to be established by the Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment. .

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An ad hoc information for operators

However, it should be noted that small businesses will in any case receive detailed information (from their own operator) when the gradual protection service is activated. The conditions established by the Authority will be applied with regard to billing methods and timing, content of billing documents, guarantees to be requested from the customer, timing and methods of payment, payment by installments and application of default interest in the event of non-payment by part of the final customer etc.

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