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Bills, things to know about the new cut: how it works and how it is obtained

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Bills, things to know about the new cut: how it works and how it is obtained

The social bonuses, the discount on the bill for families in conditions of economic or physical hardship, will also be strengthened for the third quarter in order to neutralize the effect of the incoming increases for electricity and gas bills. This is what the latest anti-price increase decree approved by the Council of Ministers provides, which allocates another 116 million euros in addition to the 518 million already put in place during 2021 to reduce general charges and strengthen social bonuses. The average expenditure for concession holders will not undergo particular changes compared to the previous quarter.

Retroactive bonus for new assignees

The decree approved by the government, however, also clarified the retroactive nature of the benefit and made the raising of the Isee threshold operational (from 8,265 to 12 thousand euros) necessary to access the subsidy. As for the retroactivity node, the bonus will be guaranteed from the beginning of the year for all those who, in 2022, will reach the old bar provided by the discount in the bill (8,265 euros): in this case, the benefit will be activated starting from January.

The raising of the Isee threshold

If, on the other hand, the new threshold is reached, foreseen by one of the last decrees dismissed by the executive, namely 12 thousand euros, the disbursement will start in April since the expansion of the ISEE started from this month. In both cases, as is known, to access the benefit it is necessary and sufficient to present the Single Substitute Declaration (Dsu) every year and to obtain an Isee certification within the limit set for the bonuses. Or again, to be holders of an income / citizenship pension, and this is because from 1 January 2021, the social bonuses for electricity, gas and water for economic hardship are automatically recognized to users who are entitled to them.

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The rescheduling of checks

It will therefore be up to the Authority, clarifies the decree approved by the Cdm last Thursday, to redefine the checks for the third quarter “with the aim of maintaining unchanged compared to the previous quarter the expense of subsidized customers corresponding to the typical profiles of the holders of the aforementioned benefits” . And, precisely by virtue of this remodeling, which will serve to cushion the impact of the increases, the Authority will postpone the annual adjustment of the social bonuses to be recognized in 2022 to subsequent quarters.

An ad hoc campaign for users

In addition, the ARERA will have to launch, at the request of the government, an ad hoc campaign on social bonuses. Information to households on this tool will therefore be strengthened with specific messages in the invoice in the coming months. To support information for consumers, the toll-free number of the Arera Consumer Desk (800.166.654) will act as always.

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