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BingdunDun NFT, worth $88,888? – Digital Currency/Blockchain

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BingdunDun NFT, worth $88,888? – Digital Currency/Blockchain

Bing Dundun was completely on fire. There are digital collections about Bing Dun Dun, which have also become the target of consumers looting.Sina Technology found on the official nWayPlay trading platform that the last digital product of BingdunDun, which has been released so far, experienced a substantial price surge during the second transaction.


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BingdunDun’s official NFT blind box is on sale, and users in China are not currently available for purchase

Text | Sina Technology Zhou Wenmeng

Editor | Han Dapeng

Take the Nordic United Beijing 2022 mascot pin as an example, the original price of 99 US dollars products, the current lowest price has reached 2,000 US dollars, the highest price of 88,888 US dollars, soaring nearly 1,000 times!

But so far, these high quotations have not made substantial transaction progress. In addition, in the past two days, the number of transactions of Bingdundun digital collections has dropped sharply, and there are few large-scale transactions. Among all digital collections, the transaction price was mostly maintained at around US$100, and there were very few transactions over US$1,000.

BingdunDun’s lowest price is $777?

Four days ago, the BingdunDun digital blind box officially authorized by the International Olympic Committee was officially released on the nWayPlay platform, with a limited number of 500 pieces, each at $99, and each person is limited to 5 pieces. Up to now, the Bingdun Dun digital blind box sold on nWayPlay has already been looted, and it has been replaced with a new round of pre-sale advertisements for the upcoming legendary version of the new product. The price has also increased from the original $99 to $349 .

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According to the official website of nWayPlay, in the authorized digital blind box, the image of Bing Dun Dun will be displayed as an athlete, performing various winter sports, such as alpine skiing, steel frame snowmobiles, snowboarding and so on. At the same time, the blind box also contains 2 versions of the official emblem of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and a poster.

In addition, different NFT Olympic badges have different rarities, which are divided into four levels: common, rare, epic, and legendary. Each badge has a unique serial number, which can be resold and exchanged in the nWayPlay trading market.

At present, the last Bingdundun digital product that has been released has experienced a substantial price surge during the second transaction. Taking the Nordic United Beijing 2022 mascot pin as an example, the lowest price of the product with the original price of 99 US dollars has reached 2,000 US dollars, and the highest price has risen by nearly 1,000 times.

(Someone quoted $88,888)

(Someone quoted $88,888)

In addition, all kinds of Bing Dun Dun series digital collections and their variants have risen to $ 800 to $ 1,000 on the trading platform, and the lowest is $ 777. The digital collection of the Winter Olympics, which far exceeds the sale price, has caused many netizens to say, “I can’t imagine it” and “we mortals can’t grab it.”

(Various digital collections of the Bing Dun Dun series, with a minimum price of $777)

(Various digital collections of the Bing Dun Dun series, with a minimum price of $777)

However, what is not so optimistic is that in the public trading orders on the nWayPlay trading market, the number of Bingdundun digital collection transactions has dropped sharply in the past two days, and mascot-related transactions are extremely rare, most of which are based on the 2022 Winter Olympics emblem, and Snowflakes, pins, etc. are the main symbols for transactions, and the transaction price is mostly maintained at around 100 US dollars, and there are very few transactions that exceed 1,000 US dollars.

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(The last two days are the reserve price transaction)

(The last two days are the reserve price transaction)

A financial scam behind the boom?

In fact, behind the attention of digital collections, there is excessive hype in the NFT field.

In early February, an NFT collector’s digital collection was stolen within minutes, with a loss of more than $2.7 million, or about 17.28 million yuan.

It turns out that NFTs are not completely secure. Although the blockchain has strong anti-theft properties that cannot be tampered with, since the keys stored in the blockchain are often stored in our daily mobile phones and computers, these devices are relatively more likely to be stolen or hacked, so they can Further lead to the loss of digital collection assets.

In addition, because the NFT industry is too rudimentary in China, there is currently a lack of strict legal regulations and provisions in this regard. In view of the previous domestic transaction restrictions in the field of digital currency, most people still have a conservative attitude towards NFT, and it is not advisable to over-hype.

People’s Daily also pointed out when evaluating NFTs, “At present, the legal nature, transaction methods, supervision subjects, and supervision methods of NFTs in China have not yet been clarified. NFTs have risks such as speculation, money laundering, and financial productization. Be cautious about NFT investment. Attitude, be wary of drumming up fancy financial scams.”

With its non-tamperable, indivisible, and unique technical characteristics, NFT has become an important solution to the problem of digital assets, but its commercialization and subsequent development paths still face many uncertainties, and future development still needs time to test.

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