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Blackouts in Venezuela are becoming more frequent

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OVSP: Electrical interruptions continue to affect citizens in 12 cities in the country

A survey conducted by the Venezuelan Observatory of Public Services (OVSP) revealed that Venezuelans experience frequent electrical interruptions in their daily lives. This measurement, carried out in November 2023, covered 12 cities in the country and produced results that reflect the poor quality of the electrical service perceived by the respondents.

Frequencies of electrical interruptions

In general, 54.7% of those surveyed indicated that they perceived one or more electrical interruptions per day in their homes. Of this percentage, 31.2% suffer from service losses “several times a day every day.”

According to the results by city, it was found that the cities with the highest percentages of daily outages are Barinas, San Cristóbal and Mérida, where daily electrical interruptions were reported by 93.8%, 90.3% and 85.9% respectively.

In contrast, only 6.9% indicated they never perceived failures in the service (specifically interruptions), with the highest percentage in Caracas with 20.4%.

More than 76% of those surveyed gave a negative opinion about the service

Regarding the quality of electrical service, the negative perception prevails in most cities. Barinas, Maracaibo and Mérida top the list of the worst ratings, with 91.8%, 89.9% and 89.8% of respondents rating the service as unsatisfactory. On the other hand, the best results are observed in Caracas, the only city with a mostly positive rating with just 54.2%.

However, it is important to highlight that, despite these positive results, the highest percentages of assessment of the quality of the service are oriented towards a negative perception, thus being the highest value of dissatisfaction since the beginning of the organization’s activities and in the results of all surveys carried out periodically. This indicates that, although there is a slightly more favorable perception in terms of quality in these cities, the majority of citizens still experience problems with the electricity supply.

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When asking citizens why they evaluate the service negatively, 43.9% based their response on constant fluctuations and 28.8% on what they consider rationing.

All of the above based on household surveys of citizen perception are validated by the monitoring carried out by the OVSP Observatory of Digital Media and Social Networks, since the events that they record daily confirm the dissatisfaction and the frequency of service interruptions for the beginning of the year 2024.

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