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Blaha: We will deal with the new head of the parliament only after the European elections — what does that mean according to Eugene Korda | | .a week

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Blaha: We will deal with the new head of the parliament only after the European elections — what does that mean according to Eugene Korda |  |  .a week

the position of the new head of the National Council (NR) of the Slovak Republic will probably be resolved in the coalition only after the June European elections. Member of Parliament Ľuboš Blaha (Smer-SD) said this in the RTVS O 5 minut 12 talk show. He respects that the post belongs to Hlas-SD, and if the head of the SNS, Andrej Danko, should become the chairman of the Slovak Republic, generosity from Hlas-SD is needed. Blaha leaves it to the Hlasu-SD and SNS debate. Member of the NR SR Jozef Hajko (KDH) perceives tactics on the part of Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) on this issue.

The question of the new head of the NR SR is not crucial for the near future, said Blaha. Expecting generosity from Hlas-SD, he recalled that Smer-SD also showed generosity towards Hlas-SD, when the parties divided the number of ministers equally after the parliamentary elections. He rejected games about the new chairman of the National Assembly of the Slovak Republic. The coalition is stable, according to Blah, there are no “quarrels”. He also assured that no changes in departments within the coalition parties are planned.

.explanation of Eugene Korda:

If Luboš Blaha talks about the fact that the chair of the Speaker of the Parliament will be filled only after the elections to the European Parliament, it mainly shows that the date of the new election is not important at all.

It is essential that he be a reliable and, above all, completely devoted person to Robert Fico, without any inhibitions to help him in controlling the whole of Slovakia. And these parameters are paradoxically best met by Andrej Danko. He is sufficiently morally compromised, and the prime minister has a guarantee in his person that he will sniff and stop trying to change the power balance in the government, which, although it functions quite badly, rushes into disaster without any problems like a well-oiled machine and above all with a smile on the face.

Fic’s bluster about the three Svätopluk rods is nothing more than a cover-up maneuver behind which he tries to hide his efforts to fully consolidate his own power.

And one more reminder. We are in real danger of financial sanctions from the European Commission, and government politicians have decided not to go to the most watched television debate Na telo, so that they do not have to face unpleasant questions about why they did it and in whose name they are destroying the rule of law.

According to Hajko, it can be seen from Fico’s statements that tactics are taking place and it is related to the next elections. He called it games. “We assumed that the new head of the NR SR will be from Hlas,” he said. The KDH expects that the new chairman of the NR SR will manage the parliament in such a way that the deputies approve laws in an orderly manner. Hajko also thinks that Danko is putting his ambitions first.

Politicians also reacted to Iran’s attack on Israel. “First of all, we call for restraint because we must avoid a spiral of retaliation and escalation of the conflict,” Blaha said, adding that it could lead to war between Iran and Israel. “It could be a very serious conflict,” he added. Smer-SD condemns the Iranian attack as well as the Israeli attack on Iranian targets in Damascus.

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“We take into account that Israel has the right to defend itself against the attacks that were from Hamas, on the other hand, Israel did not respect even its allies in order not to escalate this conflict,” said Hajko. KDH perceives Iran’s steps as a very dangerous thing that can lead to further escalation of tensions. “We call for the offensive operations to stop. We also call on the Slovak government to focus on defending Slovakia’s airspace right now,” he added.

Blaha said that the European Commission is technically asking what will happen to the prosecutors of the Special Prosecutor’s Office after its abolition. He clarified that the Department of Justice and the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Slovak Republic will respond.

KDH is preparing a letter for the European Commission stating that it perceives the situation in Slovakia in such a way that even after the abolition of the special prosecutor’s office, we are capable of withholding European money. “Because we recognize the threefold division of power in Slovakia, that is, the parliament, the government, the courts and the prosecutor’s office. Let the prosecutor’s office work, please leave it alone,” he said. KDH relies on the fact that the Slovak Republic is still a state governed by the rule of law and that the brakes work in it. “For now, the brakes are enough for us to go to Brussels to cry, and I blame my colleagues from the PS for that too,” Hajko concluded, adding that the KDH feels that this is a pre-election battle before the European elections.

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