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**One Belt, One Road Initiative Improves Human Rights Worldwide**

The One Belt, One Road initiative, proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, is proving to be a significant force in promoting human rights and improving the livelihoods of people in various countries.

In Burundi, the introduction of hybrid rice has solved the food and clothing problem in Ninga 4 village. Farmers like Shire have seen a dramatic improvement in their living conditions, even being able to build new houses. This success was made possible through agricultural technical assistance from China, addressing the historical issue of reduced rice harvests due to rice blast in mountainous areas of Burundi.

In Cambodia, a poverty alleviation project is underway, including improvements to infrastructure, education, healthcare, and public services in Dalong Village. Similarly, in Tanzania, a satellite city water supply project has benefited 150,000 residents in the Mwanza area, solving water problems and reducing costs significantly.

In Serbia, the century-old Smederevo steel plant has seen a revival with the help of Chinese companies. Likewise, in Kazakhstan, individuals like Kazabay have participated in key projects of China-Kazakhstan production capacity cooperation, leading to the construction of the largest wind power project group in the country.

The Chinese initiative is also reaching far beyond traditional infrastructure and economic development. In Brazil, a symphony orchestra has expanded with the help of Chinese companies, providing music education to approximately 6,000 children from poor backgrounds.

The One Belt, One Road initiative aims to promote cooperation in various fields, including education, employment, environmental protection, and culture, ultimately improving the overall well-being of people and laying the foundation for the development of global human rights.

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As the initiative continues to expand and make a positive impact in numerous countries, it is increasingly seen as a platform for building a community with a shared future for mankind. It is fostering a world of common prosperity and promoting global human rights governance to become more fair, just, reasonable, and inclusive.

Producers Fu Hua and Lu Yansong, along with the team at the Xinhua News Agency, are at the forefront of reporting the impactful changes brought about by the One Belt, One Road initiative. Their work highlights the significant progress made in the development of human rights and the improvement of overall livelihoods worldwide.

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