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BMW Concept CE 02, city electric scooter tests

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BMW Motorrad experiments with new forms of mobility at the upcoming Munich Motor Show and does so by presenting the Concept CE 02, an electric scooter dedicated to urban travel. “At first glance there is little of BMW in this scooter, it is something completely new. We want to commit to creating something innovative and to be pioneers, so the Concept CE 02 presents new proportions and modern shapes. We wanted to achieve a level of innovation in design that has never been achieved before, ”explains Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad. This electric prototype has compact dimensions and is aimed at those who have never ridden a motorcycle but are interested in new experiences, intelligent technology and the combination of mobility and fun.

With a weight of around 120 hp and 15 hp it is ideal for urban use. The electric motor delivers all of its torque instantly, allowing for quick shooting. The maximum speed is 90 km / h, while the range of 90 km is perfect for city traffic. “It’s a reliable companion for everyday. You love it because it’s there for you and it always works even if you don’t treat it with due care at times. There are stickers, tapes and other forms of personalization that make it clear that it belongs to you. It embodies youthful freedom and lightheartedness a bit like a skateboard on two wheels “adds Project Manager Alexander Buckan.

BMW Concept CE 02, city electric scooter tests

Thanks to the flat body of the vehicle, the center of gravity is positioned low, as is the saddle (730 mm), favoring driving dynamics and control.

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The free space between the seat and the frame is perfect for small luggage and in the front area of ​​the seat, there are two crossed elastic bands attached to allow you to slip on smaller items with ease. Additional storage space is provided by the brackets, where the front footrests have been mounted. Here you can attach a skateboard and use it as a footrest. The front lighting includes a square black headlight with four LED elements, the rear by two small translucent LED leaves that are fixed to the left and right of the rear saddle. A small color screen on the handlebar provides basic information and all the essential technology – the drive belt, handlebar and fork – is visible.

BMW Concept CE 02, city electric scooter tests

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