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Bonetti-Cinque Stelle clash on women in politics. The minister: “The difference is competence, not gender”

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Another chapter of the storm on Minister Elena Bonetti. In an interview, the owner of equal opportunities focused on the law introducing equal pay, passed by the Chamber and waiting to be voted on by the Senate. In doing so, however, Bonetti focuses on the scarce presence of female candidates in this electoral round: “In the twenty big cities no women are elected because first of all there was a lower presence of female candidates and female candidates have not always shown to live up to the role they had to play, I am thinking of the case of Rome “.

A good part of the 5 Star Movement arose from these words, and not only due to the fact that the minister attacked one of their leading exponents like the Rays from the front. “This sentence reveals the typical male conception according to which women, when they engage in tasks of responsibility, struggle, struggle” explains the president of the M5s Giuseppe Conte. “The words of Minister Elena Bonetti are very serious, especially because it is the Minister for Equal Opportunities who utters them,” said the parliamentarians of the 5 Star Movement of the Equal Opportunities group in a joint note. «Speaking of people up to the role: are you sure Elena Bonetti is up to her? We await clarification from the Minister of Equal Opportunities, and an apology to Virginia Raggi, as a woman and as the mayor of Rome ”attacked the pentastellate senator Alessandra Maiorino.

Minister Elena Bonetti still had the last word during the day, who wrote on Facebook: «I read that the former Prime Minister Conte and with him someone in the 5 Star Movement would like to give me lessons in feminism. The judgment on the suitability of the role of people does not depend on gender. Giuseppe Conte and Mario Draghi are two men: Conte was unable to be prime minister, Mario Draghi is. Virginia Raggi and Isabella Conti are two women: Raggi was not able to be mayor, Isabella yes. The difference is quality, not gender ».

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