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Bonetti, ‘in Franchi words the gravity of the situation of women’

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Bonetti, ‘in Franchi words the gravity of the situation of women’

Removed dignity in life choices, for this necessary Family Act

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 08 – The words of the entrepreneur and stylist Elisabetta Franchi “reflect the gravity of a situation that has taken away dignity from women in work and in life choices. For this it was necessary and urgent to have the Family Act , that is, to have a reform of family policies that intervenes on a labor market system that for years has penalized women, forcing them to choose between work and maternity and considering motherhood a cost “. Thus, speaking with ANSA, the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family, Elena Bonetti, who participated remotely at the conference in which the stylist Elisabetta Franchi said she favors in key roles women who have passed the ‘door’ because freer from family commitments. Words that have sparked controversy and accusations of sexism. “We have seen how much the irreconcilability of motherhood with career is consolidated in our country with devastating effects”, Bonetti continues. “That forced choice, together with the lack of services and the costs that businesses had to bear – continues the minister – meant that women were effectively excluded from the labor market and from leadership roles” all of this also certified by “a wage gap “.

“For years, women have found themselves having to be alone in managing family burdens, without adequate services and financial support – she adds – this situation needed to be changed urgently and the government has done so with a completely new incentive: we have already introduced the tax reduction for female workers returning from maternity leave, and the Family Act, which enters into force on May 12, introduces an equal principle of parental leave between women and men, defiscalizes female work, introduces economic support for families, increases services educational institutions and nursery schools and gives financial support to access them “. “It is a change of pace that politics has chosen and that today must become a reality for everyone: for businesses and for women, so that all see the right to work and to be mothers concretely recognized. This is, as you reminded us President Mattarella, dignity “, Bonetti concludes. (HANDLE).

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