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Bonus of 200 euros: applications open today for 3 million self-employed

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Bonus of 200 euros: applications open today for 3 million self-employed

To complicate a bit the start – paradoxically – for the Funds could be the new 150 euro bonus provided by the Dl Aid ter (Dl 144/2022, published in the Official Gazette 223 of 23 September and in force since Saturday 24 September), reserved, however, for those who in 2021 remained under 20 thousand euros in total income. The Cashiers are moving towards a single application that also allows those who have the right to “reserve” the 150 euros.

Even if the insertion at the last moment of this novelty in the platform and in the modules risks sending the organizational machine into trouble, at least in the first hours, “calibrated” at first on the mechanism of 200 euros.

On the other hand, however, formally the new support provided for by Legislative Decree 144/2022 is added to the previous one, without changing the requirements, apart from the access income. In fact, the decree does not mention new applications to obtain it, nor does it postpone the disbursement to a further implementing decree. In fact, therefore, there should be no obstacles for those who are under 20 thousand euros in income to ask for the two bonuses and to obtain a “check” for 350 euros with a single application.

Constant monitoring will keep spending under control: every week INPS and the Casse will send a report on the applications received and accepted and will gradually obtain from the Ministry of Labor the green light for payment or the stop to disbursement, in the hypothesis budget overrun.

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There is a billion available for all self-employed: 600 million for the bonus of 200 euros (of which 95.6 are reserved for freelancers) and another 412 million for the 150 euros (without reserved shares). According to the Adepp, the capacity should be sufficient and in fact the association has set a closure of the applications far beyond, on November 30th.

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