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Book Creators How do you want to be remembered?

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Book Creators How do you want to be remembered?

The CPC Agency was born 14 years ago in Expocamello Pereira and today it has offices in Pereira, Bogotá and New York. Carlos Laguna, founder, and Julián David Giraldo, co-founder, compile their entire history of events, campaigns, web pages, and brands in the Creators book.

They called it that because for them it means that all human beings have the ability to create, regardless of differences; “We all have the ability to give a message, solve advertising problems, consume for clients, launch brands, make packages and be able to add, that is definitely Creators” highlights Carlos Laguna.
He says that they started in Julián’s apartment, then they got a borrowed desk at Parquesoft, there was a time when they held contests in which they rewarded entrepreneurs, without them having a computer.

Two authentic and “magical” young people, as María Teresa Romero, manager of the League against Cancer, described them, together with Mauricio Vega, manager of Autopistas del Café, first customers and faithful friends who believed in them.
“We were born with an event called 100% Colombian Awards, after that we created Escape magazine and we realized that people paid for creativity and in the midst of that creativity we set up what is now CPC.” Laguna, emotional and proud of his work team, said that the book has some very nice chapters where his partner Julián, who suffered a cerebrovascular accident, recounts the miracle of having divided the history of the agency in two, of living slowly and better, breathe and connect.

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The message delivered during the book launch was How do you want to be remembered? The founder responds: “we want to be remembered as people who leave something to the city, to raise the name of Pereira, like when we won the ‘The First Brick’ contest, the most important campaign of the world‘s chambers of commerce. ”

What are you waiting for? Laguna responds “we have reinvented ourselves from the data, to be able to provide clients with solutions in the market, key findings to be able to sell more. We have managed to resignify our purpose, we work for a more equal and accessible world. We continue to strengthen the bridge with entrepreneurs, creating opportunities for brands, we are dedicated to the coffee region, activating brands in Armenia, Manizales and here, and without a doubt giving ideas so that the world is getting better.”
The book is a compilation of the best work carried out by the agency throughout its 15-year history, in which more than 350 people and more than 200 brands have participated.

Four moments were developed in the event: a welcome, a forum with Mauricio Vega and María Teresa Romero, the presentation of the book ‘Creators’ and finally a cocktail, canapel and photos “this is an event for friends”, concludes Carlos.

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