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“Book Mountain Has Footsteps” Youth Reading Market Returns to Hunan with Surprising Upgrades and Engaging Activities

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The Second Yuelu Book Fair “Book Mountain Has Footsteps” Youth Reading Market Opens

The much-anticipated “Book Mountain Has Footsteps” youth reading market returned to much fanfare on November 11. The event, held at the Houhu International Art Park in Xiangjiang New District, Hunan, welcomed eager “reading partners” with open arms, despite the slight cold of early winter. The event is part of the second Yuelu Book Fair, a celebration of literature and culture that aims to ignite a passion for reading among the younger generation.

The market featured an array of activities, including a book market, Chinese elegant gathering, art scene, and youth culture. Readers and citizens were able to browse through more than 20 nationally renowned publishing houses’ stalls and enjoy discounts of up to 50%. The event also included book signings and meetings with well-known writers, intangible cultural experiences, live broadcasts of Tang arts, and much more.

But the event was not just about books. It also featured collaborations with urban art and literature brand merchants, bringing coffee, cocktails, snacks, and other daily necessities to the forefront alongside the treasured books. The event aimed to not only fulfill the spirit but also the stomach, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all attendees.

The market also featured live performances by well-known writers, Internet celebrity singers, and youth bands, setting off a spectacle of art, literature, and music at the beautiful lakeside venue. This included a sharing session by Zhang Chenliang, who shared his popular science work “Notes on Haicuo Map,” as well as a live show by Internet celebrity singer Tang Yi.

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In addition to the lively entertainment, the event incorporated traditional Chinese culture in the form of the China Elegant Collection, where attendees were able to experience intangible cultural heritage such as Qingshan bamboo weaving, traditional Chinese painting fans, traditional paper-cutting, and tea culture. Visitors were able to witness the collision of inheritance and innovation firsthand.

To further engage readers, the market offered interactive experiences, including themed collage poetry creation areas and limited edition themed peripherals. The organizers also launched the “City Linkage Check-in Plan,” connecting literary and artistic merchants around Houhu to develop exclusive products or discounts and launch a city walk with culture as the line.

The event was guided by the Propaganda Department of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Hunan Provincial Press and Publication Bureau, and hosted by Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group and Zhongnan Publishing and Media Group. Co-organizers included Hunan Xinhua Bookstore, Changsha Xinhua Bookstore, Hunan Xiangjiang New District Publicity Department, Yuelu Mountain Scenery Scenic Area Administration Bureau, the Communist Youth League Central South University Committee, the Communist Youth League Hunan University Committee, the Communist Youth League Hunan Normal University Committee, and Changsha Houhu Industrial Investment Development Co., Ltd.

The “Book Mountain Has Footsteps” youth reading market is a testament to the enduring love for literature and culture among the younger generation, creating an immersive and enriching experience for all who attended.

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