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Boom of tourists for “A step from heaven”, the park of Mosigo lake for a fee

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Fans visiting the places of fiction: Municipalities and Consortia are ready to welcome visitors during the summer

CADORE. “One step from heaven” effect. Fictional fans are flocking to the Belluno Dolomites in search of the symbolic places of the sixth season of the successful television series. The influx of tourists to Mosigo lake in San Vito, seat of the police station led by Vincenzo Nappi and the faithful Huber, is constant, but also Lagole, with Enrico and Isabella’s diving pond, is seeing an increase in attendance. Administrations and consortia are preparing to welcome fans this summer.

San Vito
From today the parking lots at Mosigo lake will be paid: two euros per hour, from 9 to 19. A choice that the administration has made to avoid untidy parking spaces in an area so as to be enhanced, but also to be protected for its naturalistic value. In recent days, the signs have been installed and the stripes that delimit the stalls are about to be painted blue. “All the other car parks in San Vito will also be paid for from June 15,” explains the mayor, Emanuele Caruzzo. “So we standardize the whole system.” San Vito is also working on the signs, to show visitors the places of One Step from Heaven: “We have given the task of preparing the signs, we are well advanced”, concludes Caruzzo. “We expect a boom in tourists this summer, also on the wave of the series”.

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Cortina has not foreseen a poster dedicated to making known the places of One step from the sky. After all, the 5 Towers are so iconic that they need no introduction or directions. “However, I believe that fiction will be a further opportunity to promote our mountains,” says Mayor Gianpietro Ghedina. The ski lift will open on June 19th.

Boom of tourists in Lagole. “We will not put up posters dedicated to fiction,” explains the mayor, Luca De Carlo. «There are indications to reach the site and we are working to put the manager of the chalet in a position to keep it open all year round. We will keep the area clean and improve the access roads ». At the studio there is also a tunnel to connect the train station to the road leading to Lagole: the Municipality has already talked about it with Rfi. «The tourist value of that place was known even before the ficiotn», concludes De Carlo.

Protagonist of two episodes of the TV series, Cibiana is also preparing to experience a summer on the wave of One Step from Heaven. Mayor Mattia Gosetti, who is also president of Um Valboite, is working with the Dolomiti Consortium to organize a tour that allows fans to visit the sites of the fiction in one day. “We will also act with posters,” explains Gosetti. «Cibiana will be an active part of this project. There is no shortage of parking spaces, you can leave your car and easily visit the whole town on foot ».

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From mid-June to mid-September the museums and the information point in front of the church will be open every day. “We are ready to welcome tourists”, concludes Gosetti, “as we welcomed the crew of Un passo dal cielo, which we accompanied during all the days of filming”. –

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