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Boost confidence and encourage all walks of life to “get off to a good start” in the new year to help stabilize economic growth throughout the year_China Net

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Local Governments Across China Hold “First Meeting of the New Year” to Boost Economy and Business Environment

As the Spring Festival holiday comes to an end, various provinces and cities across China have started their “First Meeting of the New Year” to set goals and discuss deployment for the year ahead. The focus of these meetings has been on optimizing the business environment, technological innovation, and developing new productive forces, with the aim of boosting the economy in the Year of the Dragon.

Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, and other provinces and cities have all held these meetings, with a common theme of creating a market-oriented, rule-by-law, and international first-class business environment. Each locality has set specific goals and strategies for achieving these objectives.

In addition to optimizing the business environment, the provinces have also focused on high-quality development, accelerating industrial science and technology innovation, and creating an environment conducive to productivity and competition.

These meetings come as various localities and departments introduce measures to promote a “good start” for the economy and help stabilize economic growth throughout the year. It is anticipated that with the implementation of these policy measures, China’s economy will gain the confidence and foundation for a new pace of growth in 2024.

World‘s Largest Clean Energy Corridor Exceeds 3.5 Trillion Kilowatt-hours

In other news, the world‘s largest clean energy corridor, consisting of six cascade power stations in China, has generated more than 3.5 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity. This achievement has resulted in a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, with over 2.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide prevented from entering the atmosphere.

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The six cascade power stations span 1,800 kilometers and have a total installed capacity of 71.695 million kilowatts, making it the equivalent of the installed capacity of the “Three Gorges” power station.

Construction of Cambodian Cross-River Bridge Project Commences

Meanwhile, a groundbreaking ceremony for the Cambodian Baida Longpasa River Bridge project, undertaken by a Chinese enterprise, was held in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. The bridge project, with a total length of 1,650 meters and designed as a two-way four-lane bridge, will provide strong support for the integrated development of the Cambodian capital economic circle upon its completion.

Shanghai Takes Over Authority to Approve National Secondary Reference Materials

In a move to streamline the approval process for national secondary reference materials, Shanghai has taken over the authority to approve and issue the country’s first certificate for these materials. This reform pilot aims to shorten the time for reference material certification and improve the progress of new product launches by industrial enterprises.

Jiangsu Launches Spring Breeze Action to Promote Employment

Jiangsu Province has launched the “Jiangsu Just in Jiangsu” employment promotion spring breeze campaign to support post-holiday job search and enterprise recruitment needs. The campaign aims to raise and publish information on no less than 1 million high-quality jobs by the end of March, catering to the employment needs of both workers and enterprises.

These developments mark significant progress and investment in China’s economy and infrastructure, demonstrating the country’s commitment to sustainable development and innovation.

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