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Boosting Early Rice Production: New Varieties and Technologies Ensure Grain Return to Warehouses

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New Varieties and Technologies Boost Early Rice Production in Jiangxi Province

Hangzhou, China – The harvest of more than 18 million mu of early rice has officially begun in Jiangxi province, a major early rice producer. The favorable weather conditions have resulted in impressive growth, with the grains turning golden and full. Farmers in the regions of Xingguo and Ningdu in Ganzhou have wasted no time, utilizing modern technology to drive harvesters and increase efficiency. This year, the introduction of a new variety of early rice has contributed significantly to the increased production.

In Shanggao County, Yichun City, a local initiative called “two excellent and one increased” has been adopted to promote rice planting technology. This approach has not only boosted production but has also led to the implementation of post-harvest measures to minimize food loss. Liu Quanshu, director of the Grain Security Center in Shanggao County, highlighted the county’s efforts to ensure the return of grain to the warehouses.

“We have prepared a storage capacity of 173,700 tons and are fully ready for the acquisition,” said Liu. In addition, the county has partnered with 34 rice drying enterprises to provide crucial services such as water drying and temporary storage for farmers post-harvest. These measures guarantee the quality of grain while significantly reducing food loss.

The introduction of new varieties and the adoption of advanced technologies have been instrumental in bolstering early rice production in Jiangxi province. Farmers are optimistic about this year’s harvest and hope to contribute to the overall rice output of the country.

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