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Borrowers can save up to 250 euros

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Heidelberg. A current analysis by the comparison portal Verivox shows that a second borrower can save an average of almost 250 euros in interest costs. However, this savings potential remains largely unused because with an installment loan, more than eight out of ten borrowers (84 percent) bear their financial obligations alone.

Get more attractive loan conditions for two

The Verivox evaluation shows that with partnership-based installment loan financing, borrowers pay an average interest rate of 6.57 percent. In comparison, individual borrowers face a higher interest rate of 7.09 percent. The savings potential of taking out a joint loan is therefore 7 percent. Nevertheless, only 16 percent of all applicants decide to take out a loan as a couple. More than eight out of ten borrowers (84 percent) shoulder the financial burden alone.

“A second borrower reduces the risk of default for the banks and thus enables better conditions. In this way, borrowers secure an average of seven percent cheaper interest rates and often save several hundred euros in interest costs,” says Oliver Maier, Managing Director of Verivox Finanzvergleich GmbH.

In addition to the prospect of more attractive conditions, a second applicant also improves the chances of getting a loan at all: those who apply for the loan as a couple are 31 percent more likely to receive a financing offer from a bank than customers who apply for their loan alone.

Save 250 euros in interest as a duo

On average, customers of the comparison portal borrow 14,678 euros and pay the money back to the bank over a period of six years. For such an average loan, individual borrowers pay a total of 3,274 euros in interest (with an average interest rate of 7.09 percent). However, anyone who takes out the same loan as a couple and receives the average interest rate of 6.57 percent from the bank only pays 3,027 euros and thus saves a total of 247 euros in interest costs.

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In a marriage, often only one partner becomes a borrower

Despite this savings opportunity, even married couples usually take out their loan alone. Among married people interested in a loan, only a third (38 percent) apply for the loan as a couple. In 62 percent of cases, one spouse alone takes on the loan obligation.

Higher loan amount when borrowing in partnership

Individuals who take out a loan through Verivox receive an average loan of 13,503 euros. Two borrowers borrow an average of 19,767 euros. Especially if both applicants have their own income, taking out a loan together improves their creditworthiness and allows larger loan amounts to be financed.

“Taking out a loan together not only relieves the burden on your wallet through improved loan conditions, but also spreads the financial burden on two shoulders,” says Oliver Maier. “The spouse or life partner does not always have to be the contractual partner; family members or very good friends are also possible.”


For the analysis, Verivox evaluated all installment loans that were applied for and taken out via the comparison portal from November 2023 to January 14, 2024. The so-called median interest rate was analyzed because it is representative of broad customer groups. Half of all Verivox customers received their installment loan at this interest rate or cheaper.

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