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Brainstorm and work together to draft a good government work report and work hard to find out the government’s various tasks

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Wang Zhonglin presided over the executive meeting of the provincial government

Brainstorm and work together to draft the government work report

Concentrate on the work of the government

Hubei Daily News (Reporter Yang Nianming) On January 5, Wang Zhonglin, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor of the province, presided over an executive meeting of the provincial government to discuss and revise the province’s “Government Work Report (Draft for Review)” and review the “About Hubei Province’s 2022 National Report on the Implementation of the Economic and Social Development Plan and the 2023 National Economic and Social Development Plan (Draft) (Draft for Review), listen to the report on the 2023 provincial budget fixed asset investment plan and the 2023 provincial budget proposal.

The meeting pointed out that drafting a high-quality “Government Work Report” is of great significance for the successful holding of the “two sessions” of the province.Brainstorm and work togetherextensively absorb opinions and suggestions from all sides, and earnestly revise and improve the report.Persist in working hard, seeking deep and practical government workFocusing on implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Central Economic Work Conference, and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and instructions on Hubei work, identify key points, breakthrough points, and focus points, and earnestly adhere to the “two establishments” , to implement the “two maintenances” into practical work; around the construction of the national construction of a new development pattern pioneer area, to promote the simultaneous development of the four modernizations on the basis of comprehensive river basin management, to create “three highlands, two bases” and other major tasks, detailed Realize measures to promote the effective implementation of the provincial party committee’s decision-making and deployment; focus on major long-term issues and hot and difficult issues of public concern, conduct in-depth research, target policy implementation, clarify ideas, and clarify tasks.focus on building consensusby revising and improving the government work report, we will further unify our thinking and understanding, form a joint force for development, and promote the construction of the pilot zone to accelerate its momentum and bear fruit.

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The meeting emphasized thatBe truthful and pragmaticcomprehensively summarizing the implementation of last year’s national economic and social development plan, scientifically planning this year’s development plan,Strengthen the overall coordination of key tasks and indicatorspromote the detailed implementation of the deployment tasks of the provincial “Government Work Report”; actively respond to social concerns, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all localities, and create a good atmosphere of unity, struggle, and entrepreneurship.To give full play to the guiding role of investment in the provincial budgetScientifically allocate and use funds, strengthen overall planning and element guarantee, ensure high-quality construction of projects, and provide strong support for the expansion of domestic demand and stable growth.

meeting request,Promoting a proactive fiscal policy to increase efficiencyFocus on stable growth, coordinated regional development, building a modern industrial system, building a technologically strong province, improving people’s livelihood and well-being, and securing the bottom line of the “three guarantees” at the grassroots level, to provide guarantees for the implementation of the decision-making deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government. To insist on “living tight days”,Continue to improve the quality and efficiency of financial workFocus on strengthening the construction of financial resources, deepen the reform of the financial system and mechanism, comprehensively improve the level of budget management, effectively prevent and resolve risks, and effectively support high-quality development with high-quality finance.

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