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Brancolo bridge accident, 57-year-old man dies

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Brancolo bridge accident, 57-year-old man dies

STARANZANO. In the very early afternoon of today, Sunday 4 December, the driver of a car that was passing along Strada della Grappetta in the municipality of Staranzano, about 300 meters from the bridge over the Brancolo, near Marina Julia (Monfalcone), lost control of the car and ended up in a canal full of water.

After the alarm was raised with a call to Nue112, the Sores nurses immediately sent the air ambulance and the crew of an ambulance from Monfalcone to the scene. The firefighters of the Gorizia Command were also promptly alerted and reached the scene of the accident together with the police.

The driver, a 57-year-old man, was freed from the passenger compartment by the car immersed in water thanks to a rescue operation carried out in synergy between firefighters and medical personnel. Unfortunately the man was already deceased and there was nothing left to do but notify the death. No other vehicles involved in the accident.

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