Home News Brawl during the football match: Daspo from the Parma police headquarters to six young players

Brawl during the football match: Daspo from the Parma police headquarters to six young players

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Brawl during the football match: Daspo from the Parma police headquarters to six young players

They beat each other with no holds barred and now they will have to give up watching football matches for a year: from those of Excellence to the Champions League, passing through football matches in Serie A, B, Lega Pro, Serie D, and Promotion, as well as the matches of the Europa League and the national football team

The police commissioner of Parma has in fact issued six Daspo against a group of young people, aged between 20 and 35, responsible for a violent brawl during a match of a seven-a-side football tournament played in the municipal sports field of Fontevivo (Parma).

The episode dates back to last June 14, when, at about 11 pm, a patrol of the carabinieri of San Secondo Parmense intervened to quell the violent dispute that had also made it necessary to transport some of those involved to the hospital by ambulance.

The military had then reconstructed what had happened and identified six young people, three Italians, two Albanians and one Argentine, all with a clean record and residing in Parma and the province.

The investigation ended with the complaint against them for the crime of aggravated brawl, given that for some there were personal injuries (surgery also required), and the transmission of the documents to the police chief of Parma with the proposal of a provision of criminal warning to approach the places where sporting events are held.

The measure is therefore prepared, motivating it with the “absolutely reprehensible behavior on the football field by young people, who, even more so as players, have offered a negative example ‘by bringing out attitudes at the end of the competition of sinister prevarication that could lead to even more serious consequences’ “.

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As a result of the measures, therefore, each of the young people will not be able to access the sports facilities for one year where a variety of sporting events will be played, including football matches of Serie A, B, Lega pro, Serie D, Excellence and Promotion, as well as the Champions Legue, Europa League and national football matches.

Brawl between the players at the summer tournament: injured and eight complaints in Fontevivo

Thus the commissioner of Parma Massimo Macera: “The issue of the Daspo against the six players involved in the brawl at the Fontevivo sports field last June stems from the awareness that the violent behaviors carried out in the context of sporting events must also be stigmatized in ‘minor’ football match area. Only the firm condemnation of such episodes of abuse, even if they have matured in contexts having a lower footballing relevance, can actually affect prevention, leading to a reduction in violence in stadiums. this reason, as demonstrated in the present case, is also essential to be the contribution provided by the soldiers of the Carabinieri, engaged in the control of the territory in the province “.

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