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Brazil Reduces Use of China’s New Coronavirus Vaccine-Wall Street Journal

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Brazil is the main buyer of China‘s new crown vaccine, CoronaVac, and a typical representative of the achievements of the Chinese government’s vaccine diplomacy. But as people’s concerns about the vaccine’s effectiveness against delta mutant strains intensify, and other vaccines become more accessible, Brazil is rapidly abandoning the new crown vaccine.

A spokesperson for the Brazilian government and the Butantan Institute, the local manufacturer of the vaccine, told The Wall Street Journal that the Brazilian federal government has suspended further purchases of Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (SVA). Negotiations on the vaccine Kerlaifu. The Brazilian government also stated that it does not recommend the use of Kellyford as the third booster shot.

As Brazil changes its attitude towards Chinese vaccines, several other Latin American countries and some Southeast Asian countries have also reduced their dependence on China-made new crown vaccines. This signifies that as the United States has established itself as the preferred global supplier, countries are responding to the new crown epidemic. There may be a turning point in its efforts. Brazil relied heavily on vaccines made in China earlier this year.


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