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breaking latest news: The favor of ‘Ocha’ Rosado

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breaking latest news: The favor of ‘Ocha’ Rosado

By John Corner Vanegas

Tears come without asking for permission and pain invades her thoughts at the unexpected departure of her colleague and friend Rosa Elena Rosado Quintero.

Precisely, in most meetings with her, she was told that the song ‘Los recuerdos de ‘Ocha’ appears in Vallenato music, a merengue written by Luis Enrique Martínez. When she heard parts of that old song, she gave away that unique smile, a reason for everyone to imitate her.

“They are the memories of ‘Ocha’, that beautiful girl, I have no way to forget her. You told me you were firm as the back of her hand. How do you want me to forget you, if I have never forgotten you”, says that beautiful song that is repeated with nostalgia today.

In those favors that are never lacking among colleagues because solidarity is great, and having a soon trip abroad, the request was made. She very kindly agreed, achieving the goal.

Everything happened on December 29 and she took the opportunity to update us on what had transpired in the year and the plans for the upcoming one, especially the Vallenata Legend Festival, where years ago she was part of the press team, doing an extraordinary job. .

That affection never “diminished”, but it was also magnified by ‘Ocha’ being by the side of that great man, the dear colleague and great friend Miguel Barrios. She also for being the sister of the beloved Mary, ‘La Maluquita’, and a close friend of Taryn Escalona. To all her family, a supportive hug and condolences.

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What was not foreseen was that she had her passport to heaven ready, and she did not know it, exactly 20 days after that favor… And as in the song by Luis Enrique Martínez, ‘El Pollo Vallenato’, today it is repeated. “They are the memories of ‘Ocha’, that beautiful girl, I have no way to forget her”…

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