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British fans of Taylor Swift become massive victims of ticket scams

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The record tour of American pop star Taylor Swift leads to massive fraudulent ticket trading in the United Kingdom. British fans have probably already been scammed out of more than a million pounds on social media, a major British bank announced on Wednesday.

Source: BELGA

Wednesday April 17, 2024 at 6:29 PM

Lloyds Bank issued an “urgent warning” about massive ticket fraud for Taylor Swift’s concert series. More than 600 bank customers have reported being scammed since ticket sales began in July last year. On average, victims lose 332 pounds (389 euros), although some fans also lost more than 1,000 pounds (1,117 euros). According to Lloyds Bank, these figures are much higher than for other artists.

Since the figures updated to March are only based on data from Lloyds Bank customers, at least 3,000 people across the United Kingdom are likely to have fallen victim to ticket fraud. The bank estimates that ‘swifties’ have already been defrauded of more than a million pounds (1.17 million euros).

More than 90 percent of cases start with false advertisements on Facebook or Facebook Marketplace. On the social network, the bank found dozens of unofficial groups in which people want to buy or sell tickets for Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’. Scammers ask victims, usually between 25 and 34 years old, to pay for the tickets in advance. But after payment they disappear.

On May 9, Swift kicks off the European leg of her famous The Eras Tour in the French capital Paris. After performances in Sweden, Portugal and Spain, the pop star will start a series of concerts in the United Kingdom in Edinburgh, Scotland on June 7.

Lloyds warns swifties that scammers are also lurking in the coming weeks and months. “There are often two waves of fraud: one when ticket sales start and a second before the event,” it said.

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